Watershed Management Initiative

Watershed Management Initiative

The Watershed Management Initiative (WMI) was most recently updated in November 2006.

Please note: Content not shown as (updated) was last revised in 2001.

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Cover Sheet & Executive Summary
Table of Contents (Including List of Tables, Figures and Appendices)
Section 1.0 - INTRODUCTION
   1.1  The Watershed Management Initiative
   1.2  The Santa Ana Region
   1.3  Overview of Regional Board Activities
   1.4  Watershed Management Areas (WMAs)
   2.1  Santa Ana River Nitrogen/Total Dissolved Solids Management
   2.2  Dairies
   2.3  Coastal Beaches
   2.4  Regional Funding Priorities
   3.1   Chino Basin Watershed Management Area
   3.2   Newport Basin Watershed Management Area
   3.3   Lake Elsinore/San Jacinto River Watershed Management Area
   3.4   Anaheim B./Huntington Harb./Bolsa Chica Watershed Management Area
   3.5   Big Bear Area Watershed Management Area
   3.6   Upper Santa Ana River Watershed Management Area
   3.7   Middle Santa Ana River Watershed Management Area
   3.8   Lower Santa Ana Watershed Management Area
   3.9   Newport Coast Watershed Management Area
   3.10 Coyote/Carbon Creek Watershed Management Area
   4.1  Total Maximum Daily Loads
   4.2  Nonpoint Source (NPS) Program
   4.3  Watershed Management
   4.4  Monitoring and Assessment

   4.5  Core Regulatory (NPDES, Waste Discharge Requirements [WDRs] & Land Disposal WDRs

   4.6  Water Quality Standards/Basin Planning
   4.7  Wetlands
   4.8  Groundwater Resource Protection/Cleanup


Table 1-1 Watershed Management Areas and Priority Activities
Table 2 Regional WMI Water Quality Priorities for Grant Projects
Table 2-1 Santa Ana Region WMI Targeted Projects, Needs, or Activities
Table 2-2 General Categories of Watershed Planning, Mapping, Assessment, and Monitoring Project Needs
Table 4-1 Summary of NPS Pollutants by Watershed and Management Measure Category
Table 4-2 Monitoring and Assessment Resource Needs
Table 4-3 Monitoring and Assessment: Five Year Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) Related Monitoring Priorities
Table 4-4 Monitoring and Assessment: Water Bodies for Data Review – No Sampling Activities Planned
Table 4-5 Monitoring and Assessment: Water Bodies Needing More Information to Assess Water Quality
Table 5-1 Resource Allocation


Figure 1-1     Santa Ana Region Watershed Management Areas
Figure 3-1     Chino Basin WMA
Figure 3-2     Newport Bay WMA
Figure 3-3     Lake Elsinore/San Jacinto River WMA
Figure 3-4     Anaheim Bay/Huntington Harbour/Bolsa Chica WMA
Figure 3-5     Big Bear Area WMA
Figure 3-6     Upper Santa Ana River WMA
Figure 3-7     Middle Santa Ana River WMA
Figure 3-8     Lower Santa Ana River WMA
Figure 3-9     Newport Coast WMA
Figure 3-10    Coyote Creek and Carbon Creek WMA
Figure 4-1     Critical Coastal Areas (CCA), Orange County  


Appendix A Core Regulatory Program Tables
Table 1

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Re-Issuance Schedule

Table 2 NPDES Pretreatment Audits and Inspections
Table 3 NPDES Permit Compliance Inspection Schedule
Table 4 Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) Re-Issuance Schedule
Table 5 Land Disposal WDR Re-Issuance Schedule
Table 6 WDR Compliance Inspection Schedule
Table 7 Land Disposal WDR Compliance Inspection Schedule
Appendix B Water Quality Assessment Report and 303(d) Update Schedule
Appendix C Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program Tables
Table 1 Summary Schedule for TMDL Development
Table 2 Five-Year Schedule of TMDL Activities
Appendix D Standards/Basin Planning Activities
Appendix E Non-Point Source (NPS) Program Tables
Table 1 Regional NPS Problems by Management Measure Category
Table 2a NPS Program Short Term Objectives
Table 2b Education, Outreach, and Technical Assistance
Table 3 Waivers of Waste Discharge
Table 4 Key Partners
Table 5 Proposed FY 2002/03 NPS Resource Allocation
Table 6 NPS Resource Needs: FY 2002/03 to FY 2004/05



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