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UST Program - Leak Prevention - Frequently Asked Question #2

UST Program - Leak Prevention - Frequently Asked Question #2

Question: If an underground storage tank (UST) component (e.g., piping, tank, or under-dispenser containment) is continuously monitored using a vacuum, pressure, or hydrostatic (VPH) method, is the component exempt from secondary containment testing?

Answer: Yes. Section 2637(g) of Title 23, California Code of Regulations, states that “Secondary containment systems where the continuous monitoring automatically monitors both primary and secondary containment, such as systems that are hydrostatically monitored or under constant vacuum, are exempt from periodic secondary containment testing.” Therefore, if an UST component is continuously monitored using a VPH method, it is exempt from secondary containment testing. However, the monitoring equipment used to monitor the component continuously is subject to the annual monitoring system certification.

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