Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program - Frequently Asked Question #8

What is a facility employee?

A facility employee is an individual on site during operating hours who has the responsibility to respond to spills, overfills, or other problems associated with the operation of an underground storage tank (UST) system.  The individual must be trained by a designate operator (DO) before assuming the duties of a facility employee.  At least one facility employee must be present during operating hours.  For UST facilities that are not routinely staffed, the DO, with the approval of the local agency, must implement a facility employee training program that takes into consideration the frequency the site is staffed.

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When is facility employee training required?

Facility employee training is required before the employee assumes the duties of a facility employee.  In addition, facility employees must be retrained at least once every 12 months.

[Reference cited: § 2715(c).]

How must facility employee training be performed?

All facility employee training, including retraining, must be site-specific and train the individual in:

  • the operation of the UST system in a manner consistent with the UST facility’s best management practices;
  • the individual’s role regarding the release detection system as specified in the facility’s UST monitoring plan;
  • the individual’s role regarding spills and overfills as specified in the facility’s UST response plan; and
  • contacting the appropriate individuals for emergencies and release detection system alarms.

The initial training of a facility employee at a specific site must include a practical demonstration.  The practical demonstration must provide both sharing information and evaluating knowledge for responding to site-specific emergencies, release detection system alarms, spills, and overfills associated with operating the UST system.  Some examples include, but are not limited to, demonstrating where the absorbent is stored and how to apply it, where a telephone and emergency contact numbers are located, and how to respond to release detection system alarms.

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How is facility employee training documented?

Facility employees training must be documented by using Facility Employee Training Certificate.  The Facility Employee Training Certificate identifies:

  • the UST facility information for the site-specific training;
  • the name, contact information, ICC certification number, and ICC certification expiration date of the DO performing the training; and
  • the names, initial training dates, and dates of assuming the responsibilities of a facility employee of individuals trained.  

The DO providing training must sign and date the Facility Employee Training Certificatecertifying that the individuals identified on the certificate have been trained in accordance with section 2715(c).  For facility employees trained or retrained before October 1, 2018, the UST owner or operator must maintain a list of these facility employees until each individual on the list either: 1) is retrained and identified on a Facility Employee Training Certificate; or 2) no longer assumes the duties of a facility employee.

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Is the Facility Employee Training Certificate required to be submitted to the Local Agency?

No. UST owners and operators are required to maintain Facility Employee Training Certificates on site or, if approved by the local agency, off site at a readily accessible location.

[Reference cited: § 2715(c)(4).]

How long must the Facility Employee Training Certificate be maintained?

Each Facility Employee Training Certificate must be maintained until either: 1) each individual identified on the Facility Employee Training Certificate is retrained and identified on a new Facility Employee Training Certificate or no longer carries out the duties of a facility employee; or 2) more than 12 months has passed since the date provided in section IV of the Facility Employee Training Certificate.

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Is it required that the DO performing DO inspections for a UST facility also provide the facility employee training?

No.  Facility employee training may be provided by any DO listed on the Designated Underground Storage Tank Operator Identification Form uploaded to CERS or a local reporting portal.

[Reference cited: § 2715(c).]

All “References cited” originate from California Code of Regulations, title 23, division 3, chapter 16.

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