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UST Program - Rulemaking "Training Plus" Regulations

The State Water Resources Control Board's underground storage tank (UST) "Training Plus" regulations were approved by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) and filed with the Secretary of State on
April 8, 2004. The effective date of the regulations is May 8, 2004.

The changes to Title 23 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) will amend sections 2611, 2630, 2635, 2636, 2636.1, 2637, 2641, 2643, and 2712, and add sections 2631.1, 2638, and 2715. These amendments to Title 23 include:

  1. Require certification for: a) persons who are responsible for certain activities at an UST facility (defined in this regulation package as "designated operators"), b) persons who conduct UST facility compliance inspections, c) persons who install underground storage tank systems or components, and d) persons who install, calibrate, test, and maintain monitoring equipment (defined in this regulation package as "service technicians").

  2. Require owners of UST systems to sign a written statement to be submitted to the local agency stating that their facility is in compliance with all regulatory and statutory requirements, and identifying the facility's designated UST operator.

  3. Require annual on-the-job training for facility employees provided by the designated UST operator.

  4. Require owners or operators of underground storage tank systems to submit product compatibility and permeability information to the State Water Resources Control Board or the local regulatory agency, upon request.

  5. Require automatic line leak detectors on all double-walled pressurized piping and provide an alternative to the 0.1 gallon per hour (gph) annual line test.

  6. Permit licensed tank testers to install, calibrate, test, and maintain monitoring equipment if they meet existing training and certification requirements.

The changes to Title 23 of CCR implement portions of Senate Bill 989 (stats. 1999, ch. 812), and Assembly Bill 1465 (stats. 2001, ch.154).
A complete text of the proposed regulations and a detailed statement of reasons are available online.

Please direct questions or comments on the regulatory changes to:

Mr. Scott Bacon
email: bacons@swrcb.ca.gov
phone: (916) 341-5873

UST "Training Plus" Regulations Approved

UST Rulemaking -
"Training Plus"