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California Integrated Water Quality System Project (CIWQS)

  • What is eSMR 2.5?
    eSMR 2.5 is an enhancement to the Electronic Self-Monitoring Reports (eSMR) module of the California Integrated Water Quality System (CIWQS). eSMR 2.5 was implemented for Major dischargers in October 2014 and is scheduled to be implemented for Minor dischargers in December 2016. It accepts data required in Discharger Monitoring Reports (DMRs) and transfers that data electronically to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS).
  • Who will be required to submit DMRs through eSMR?
    National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit holders will be required to submit DMRs through eSMR. Major dischargers submit DMRs thru eSMR now. Minor dischargers will be required to submit DMRs thru eSMR after December 2016.
  • How does eSMR 2.5 work?
    The eSMR 2.5 enhancement adds a new tab to the eSMR Report Builder. Users will navigate to the eSMR report to be submitted, complete the eSMR as usual, go to the DMR tab, complete the equivalent DMR(s) and certifies and submits the report. The DMR Entry Guide will help you navigate through the DMR tab. For videos on how to submit DMRs, please see the following:

    Once certified and submitted, the DMR data is transferred to Extensible Markup Language (XML) format, sent to USEPA through Exchange Network nodes. (For more information about the Exchange Network, see http://www.exchangenetwork.net/.)

  • What options do I have to enter my DMR data?
    Data can either be entered through the web interface (screens) or uploaded using a specified file format. The upload file must be a comma separated value (CSV) file. The format is described in an Excel spreadsheet.  An example CSV file can also be viewed. Please use this NODI Guide to view the procedures on entering NODI codes in the upload file.

  • The information required by my DMRs differs from my SMRs. Will I be prompted on what to enter for my DMR?
    Yes, permits will continue to be individually coded into ICIS. This information is transferred to CIWQS and populates the DMR tab so that users that use the web interface with eSMR see what data to report.
  • When does the requirement go into effect for Minors?
    After you complete your training, you must use the eSMR module to comply with DMR electronic reporting starting December 21, 2016.