Clean Water Act Section 401 – Certification and Wetlands Program


The State Water Board will accept both written and oral suggestions on the scope and content of the information included in the scoping documents.

Form 1 - 162 submittals
Form 1 - 5,346 submittals
Public Members
04/26 - 05/29/2007
04/13 - 04/25/2007
Form 2 - 803 submittals Public Members
04/13 - 04/25/2007
Form 3 - 12 submittals Public Members
04/13 - 04/25/2007
Form 4 – 869 submittals Public Members
05/07 - 05/15/2007
American River Conservancy alan Ehrgott 05/15/2007
California Forestry Association Michele Dias 05/15/2007
Campbell Timberland Management Kevin Faucher 05/15/2007
Coachella Valley Water District Steve Robbins 05/15/2007
County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Raymond Tremblay 05/15/2007
Department of Fish and Game Scott Flint 05/15/2007
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Dennis O'Hall 05/15/2007
East Bay Municipal Utility District Jon Myers 05/15/2007
Klamath Riverkeeper Regina Chichizola 05/15/2007
Los Penasquitos Lagoon Foundation Mike Hastings 05/15/2007
Public Member Bill Welsch 05/15/2007
Public Member Jeff Kuyper 05/15/2007
Public Member Jim Foran 05/15/2007
Public Trust Alliance Michael Warburton 05/15/2007
Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission Sean Berquist 05/15/2007
Sierra Pacific Industries Timothy Feller 05/15/2007
Timber Products Company Chris Quirmbach 05/15/2007
Big Creek Lumber Company Janet McCrary Webb 05/14/2007
Department of Water Resources Stephan Lorenzato 05/14/2007
Friends of Del Norte Eileen Cooper 05/14/2007
Public Member Andrew Honig 05/14/2007
Public Member Jo Bentz 05/14/2007
Roseburg Arne Hultgren 05/14/2007
Public Member Libby Lucas  05/13/2007
Grassroots Coalition Patricia McPherson 05/10/2007
Public Member Arthur Unger 05/10/2007
San Francisco Bay Joint Venture Arthur Feinstein 05/10/2007
Fruit Growers Supply Co. Daniel Fisher 05/08/2007
Public Member Janet Thew 05/08/2007
Public Member Mary Keitelman 05/07/2007
Department of Water Resources Barbara McDonnell 05/04/2007
Public Member Leslie Purcell 05/02/2007
County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works Rob Kubomoto 05/01/2007
Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District G. F. Deurig 04/19/2007
Humboldt County Farm Bureau Jim Regli 04/23/2007
Public Member Guinevare Breeding 04/23/2007
Public Member Victoria N. Hoover 04/23/2007
Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association Donald Frietas 04/19/2007
California Building Industry Association Ella Foley-Gannon 04/19/2007
California Cattlemen's Association Bruce Hafenfeld 04/19/2007
California Farm Bureau Federation Christian Scheuring 04/19/2007
California Government Affairs - Navy Region South West Randal Friedman 04/19/2007
California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance Robert Lucas 04/19/2007
City of Roseville Mark Morse 04/19/2007
Clean Water Action Andria Ventura 04/19/2007
Conservation Organizations - 28 Jeff Miller 04/19/2007
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Daniel Strait 04/19/2007
County of Humboldt Department of Public Works Thomas Mattson 04/19/2007
County of Mendocino - Dept. of Transportation Howard Dashiell 04/19/2007
County of San Diego Dept. Planning & Land Use Gary Pryor 04/19/2007
Department of the Army David Castanon 04/19/2007
Department of Water Resources Barbara McDonnell 04/19/2007
Ducks Unlimited Rudolph Rosen 04/19/2007
Five Counties Salmonid Conservation Program Mark Lancaster 04/19/2007
Friends of the Navarro Watershed Daniel Myers 04/19/2007
Land Development Organizations Ellen Johnck 04/19/2007
Irvine Ranch Water District Norris Brandt 04/19/2007
Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board Harold Singer 04/19/2007
Los Angeles County - Dept. of Public Works Patricia Wood 04/19/2007
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board Deborah Smith 04/19/2007
Pacific Gas and Electric Anne M. Jackson 04/19/2007
Playa Vista J. Marc Huffman 04/19/2007
Public Member Candice Groat 04/19/2007
Public Member David Brown 04/19/2007
Public Member Frank Gilliland 04/19/2007
Public Member James Anderson 04/19/2007
Public Member Susan Gilliland 04/19/2007
Resource Landowners Coalition Jennifer West 04/19/2007
Riparian Habitat Joint Venture Ann Chrisney 04/19/2007
Riverside County Flood Control & Water Conservation District Stephen Stump 04/19/2007
Riverside County Waste Management Department Lesley Likins 04/19/2007
San Francisco International Airport Danielle Rinsler 04/19/2007
Santa Barbara Channel Keeper Kira Redmond 04/19/2007
Southern California Edison Thomas Gross 04/19/2007
US Environmental Protection Agency David Smith 04/19/2007
Ventura County Watershed Protection Jeff Pratt 04/19/2007
Western States Petroleum Association Kevin Buchan 04/19/2007
California Coastal Commission Alfred Wanger 04/18/2007
Center for Biological Diversity Lisa Belenky 04/18/2007
Central Coast Region Roger Briggs 04/18/2007
Environmental Action Committee of West Marin Frederick Smith 04/18/2007
Friends of the Santa Clara River Ron Bottorff 04/18/2007
Los Angeles World Airports Roger Johnson 04/18/2007
Monterey County Farm Bureau Robert Perkins 04/18/2007
Port of Oakland Renee Ananda 04/18/2007
Public Member Alan & Meg Giberson 04/18/2007
Public Member David Wright 04/18/2007
Rancho Mission Viejo Laura Eisenberg 04/18/2007
Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District Sheila Lamb 04/18/2007
Roberts, Kemp & Associates LLC Chad Roberts 04/18/2007
San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board John Robertus 04/18/2007
The Nature Conservancy Keith Whitener 04/18/2007
Planning and Conservation League Foundation Jason Avina 04/17/2007
Antelope Valley Conservancy Wendy Reed 04/17/2007
California Native Plant Society Amanda Jorgenson 04/17/2007
California Water Impact Network Carolee Krieger 04/17/2007
County of Siskiyou Jim Cook 04/17/2007
Public Member Frederick Chopping 04/17/2007
Public Member Linda Mok 04/17/2007
Public Member Nancy Piotrowski 04/17/2007
Public Member Ronald May 04/17/2007
Public Member Susan Smith 04/17/2007
Federation of Fish Flyers C. Mark Rockwell 04/16/2007
Public Member Bill Denneen 04/16/2007
Public Member Diana Hickson 04/16/2007
Public Member John Padley 04/16/2007
Public Member Lilian Simon 04/16/2007
Public Member Linda Elkind 04/16/2007
Public Members Frank & Janice Delfino 04/16/2007
Sierra Club Marin Group Gordon Bennett 04/16/2007
Public Member Everette Phillips 04/15/2007
Public Member Kenneth Weaver 04/15/2007
Public Member Susan Weinberg-Harter 04/14/2007
Clean Air Now James Provenzano 04/13/2007
Pacific Southwest Biological Services, Inc. R. Mitchell Beauchamp 04/13/2007
Public Member Tom Hazelleaf 04/13/2007
Public Members Jerry & Carl Collamer 04/13/2007
Public Member Cheryl Switzer 04/12/2007
Public Member Janis Turner 04/12/2007
Public Member Tassilo Vonkoch 04/12/2007
Public Member Brent Plater 04/11/2007
Public Member Gwyn Williams-Stanton 04/11/2007
Coast Action Group Alan Levine 04/10/2007
Public Member John Alcorn 04/10/2007
Public Member Margaret Okuzumi 04/10/2007
California Department of Transportation Jay Norvell 04/09/2007
Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center Michael Milne 04/09/2007
Sonoma County Regional Parks Department Michelle Julene 04/09/2007
Redwood Chapter, Sierra Club Chris Malan 04/08/2007
SPRAWLDEF Norman La Force 04/08/2007
County of Sacramento Airport System Greg Rowe 04/06/2007
Department of the Army Mark Charlton 04/06/2007
Lake Group, Redwood Chapter, Sierra Club Cheri Holden 04/06/2007
East Bay Regional Park District Brad Olson 04/05/2007
Public Member Ross Smith 04/04/2007
Public Member Wayne Miller 04/04/2007
California Waterfowl Robert McLandress 04/03/2007
California Department of Water Resources Barbara Castro 03/28/2007

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