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State Water Board: Public Comments on Wetland & Riparian Area Protection Policy

Clean Water Act Section 401 - Certification and Wetlands Program


The State Water Board will accept both written and oral suggestions on the scope and content of the information included in the scoping documents.

Organization Representative Date Received
Form 1 - 162 submittals
Form 1 - 5,346 submittals
Public Members 4/26 - 5/29/07
4/13 - 4/25/07
Form 2 - 803 submittals Public Members 4/13 - 4/25/2007
Form 3 - 12 submittals Public Members 4/13 - 4/25/2007
Form 4 – 869 submittals Public Members 5/7 - 5/15/07
American River Conservancy Alan Ehrgott 5/15/07
California Forestry Association Michele Dias 5/15/07
Campbell Timberland Management Kevin Faucher 5/15/07
Coachella Valley Water District Steve Robbins 5/15/07
County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Raymond Tremblay 5/15/07
Department of Fish and Game Scott Flint 5/15/07
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Dennis O'Hall 5/15/07
East Bay Municipal Utility District Jon Myers 5/15/07
Klamath Riverkeeper Regina Chichizola 5/15/07
Los Penasquitos Lagoon Foundation Mike Hastings 5/15/07
Public Member Bill Welsch 5/15/07
Public Member Jeff Kuyper 5/15/07
Public Member Jim Foran 5/15/07
Public Trust Alliance Michael Warburton 5/15/07
Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission Sean Berquist 5/15/07
Sierra Pacific Industries Timothy Feller 5/15/07
Timber Products Company Chris Quirmbach 5/15/07
Big Creek Lumber Company Janet McCrary Webb 5/14/07
Department of Water Resources Stephan Lorenzato 5/14/07
Friends of Del Norte Eileen Cooper 5/14/07
Public Member Andrew Honig 5/14/07
Public Member Jo Bentz 5/14/07
Roseburg Arne Hultgren 5/14/07
Public Member Libby Lucas  5/13/07
Grassroots Coalition Patricia McPherson 5/10/07
Public Member Arthur Unger 5/10/07
San Francisco Bay Joint Venture Arthur Feinstein 5/10/07
Fruit Growers Supply Co. Daniel Fisher 5/8/07
Public Member Janet Thew 5/8/27
Public Member Mary Keitelman 5/7/07
Department of Water Resources Barbara McDonnell 5/4/07
Public Member Leslie Purcell 5/2/07
County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works Rob Kubomoto 5/1/07
Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District G. F. Deurig 4/19/07
Humboldt County Farm Bureau Jim Regli 4/23/07
Public Member Guinevare Breeding 4/23/07
Public Member Victoria N. Hoover 4/23/07
Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association Donald Frietas 4/19/07
California Building Industry Association Ella Foley-Gannon 4/19/07
California Cattlemen's Association Bruce Hafenfeld 4/19/07
California Farm Bureau Federation Christian Scheuring 4/19/07
California Government Affairs - Navy Region South West Randal Friedman 4/19/07
California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance Robert Lucas 4/19/07
City of Roseville Mark Morse 4/19/07
Clean Water Action Andria Ventura 4/19/07
Conservation Organizations - 28 Jeff Miller 4/19/07
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Daniel Strait 4/19/07
County of Humboldt Department of Public Works Thomas Mattson 4/19/07
County of Mendocino - Dept. of Transportation Howard Dashiell 4/19/07
County of San Diego Dept. Planning & Land Use Gary Pryor 4/19/07
Department of the Army David Castanon 4/19/07
Department of Water Resources Barbara McDonnell 4/19/07
Ducks Unlimited Rudolph Rosen 4/19/07
Five Counties Salmonid Conservation Program Mark Lancaster 4/19/07
Friends of the Navarro Watershed Daniel Myers 4/19/07
Land Development Organizations Ellen Johnck 4/19/07
Irvine Ranch Water District Norris Brandt 4/19/07
Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board Harold Singer 4/19/07
Los Angeles County - Dept. of Public Works Patricia Wood 4/19/07
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board Deborah Smith 4/19/07
Pacific Gas and Electric Anne M. Jackson 4/19/07
Playa Vista J. Marc Huffman 4/19/07
Public Member Candice Groat 4/19/07
Public Member David Brown 4/19/07
Public Member Frank Gilliland 4/19/07
Public Member James Anderson 4/19/07
Public Member Susan Gilliland 4/19/07
Resource Landowners Coalition Jennifer West 4/19/07
Riparian Habitat Joint Venture Ann Chrisney 4/19/07
Riverside County Flood Control & Water Conservation District Stephen Stump 4/19/07
Riverside County Waste Management Department Lesley Likins 4/19/07
San Francisco International Airport Danielle Rinsler 4/19/07
Santa Barbara Channel Keeper Kira Redmond 4/19/07
Southern California Edison Thomas Gross 4/19/07
US Environmental Protection Agency David Smith 4/19/07
Ventura County Watershed Protection Jeff Pratt 4/19/07
Western States Petroleum Association Kevin Buchan 4/19/07
California Coastal Commission Alfred Wanger 4/18/2007
Center for Biological Diversity Lisa Belenky 4/18/2007
Central Coast Region Roger Briggs 4/18/2007
Environmental Action Committee of West Marin Frederick Smith 4/18/2007
Friends of the Santa Clara River Ron Bottorff 4/18/2007
Los Angeles World Airports Roger Johnson 4/18/2007
Monterey County Farm Bureau Robert Perkins 4/18/2007
Port of Oakland Renee Ananda 4/18/2007
Public Member Alan & Meg Giberson 4/18/2007
Public Member David Wright 4/18/2007
Rancho Mission Viejo Laura Eisenberg 4/18/2007
Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District Sheila Lamb 4/18/2007
Roberts, Kemp & Associates LLC Chad Roberts 4/18/2007
San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board John Robertus 4/18/2007
The Nature Conservancy Keith Whitener 4/18/2007
Planning and Conservation League Foundation Jason Avina 4/17/2007
Antelope Valley Conservancy Wendy Reed 4/17/2007
California Native Plant Society Amanda Jorgenson 4/17/2007
California Water Impact Network Carolee Krieger 4/17/2007
County of Siskiyou Jim Cook 4/17/2007
Public Member Frederick Chopping 4/17/2007
Public Member Linda Mok 4/17/2007
Public Member Nancy Piotrowski 4/17/2007
Public Member Ronald May 4/17/2007
Public Member Susan Smith 4/17/2007
Federation of Fish Flyers C. Mark Rockwell 4/16/2007
Public Member Bill Denneen 4/16/2007
Public Member Diana Hickson 4/16/2007
Public Member John Padley 4/16/2007
Public Member Lilian Simon 4/16/2007
Public Member Linda Elkind 4/16/2007
Public Members Frank & Janice Delfino 4/16/2007
Sierra Club Marin Group Gordon Bennett 4/16/2007
Public Member Everette Phillips 4/15/2007
Public Member Kenneth Weaver 4/15/2007
Public Member Susan Weinberg-Harter 4/14/2007
Clean Air Now James Provenzano 4/13/2007
Pacific Southwest Biological Services, Inc. R. Mitchell Beauchamp 4/13/2007
Public Member Tom Hazelleaf 4/13/2007
Public Members Jerry & Carl Collamer 4/13/2007
Public Member Cheryl Switzer 4/12/2007
Public Member Janis Turner 4/12/2007
Public Member Tassilo Vonkoch 4/12/2007
Public Member Brent Plater 4/11/2007
Public Member Gwyn Williams-Stanton 4/11/2007
Coast Action Group Alan Levine 4/10/2007
Public Member John Alcorn 4/10/2007
Public Member Margaret Okuzumi 4/10/2007
California Department of Transportation Jay Norvell 4/9/2007
Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center Michael Milne 4/9/2007
Sonoma County Regional Parks Department Michelle Julene 4/9/2007
Redwood Chapter, Sierra Club Chris Malan 4/8/2007
SPRAWLDEF Norman La Force 4/8/2007
County of Sacramento Airport System Greg Rowe 4/6/2007
Department of the Army Mark Charlton 4/6/2007
Lake Group, Redwood Chapter, Sierra Club Cheri Holden 4/6/2007
East Bay Regional Park District Brad Olson 4/5/2007
Public Member Ross Smith 4/4/2007
Public Member Wayne Miller 4/4/2007
California Waterfowl Robert McLandress 4/3/2007
California Department of Water Resources Barbara Castro 3/28/2007

For questions about this notice, please contact
Glenda Marsh, Division of Water Quality, at (916) 341-5558 or gmarsh@waterboards.ca.gov.