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Salinas Valley Interim Replacement Drinking Water Program

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In a collaborative effort with the State Water Board Office of Enforcement and Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, a coalition of farmers (Salinas Basin Agriculture Stewardship Group LLC (Stewardship Group)) will provide replacement drinking water to residents in the Salinas Valley whose drinking water wells have unsafe levels of nitrate. The program provides free drinking water to residents whose drinking water supplies are contaminated with nitrate. The Office of Enforcement has suspended enforcement actions against entities that participate in the Stewardship’s program.  In return, the Stewardship Group is working to develop long-term solutions that address the nitrate contamination in the Salinas basin. The Stewardship has contracted with CURES (Coalition for Urban Rural Environmental Stewardship) to implement the program and bottled water is delivered by Culligan of Monterey.

The program began on March 2017 and has been extended for a second year (ending on March 2019).  As of January 2018, the program provided 21,290 gallons of water to approximately 547 residents in the Salinas Basin.  See below for details on how to participate in this program.

Salinas Basin Agricultural Stewardship Group Map (Click map for enlargement.)

Who Qualifies for Free Drinking Water

**NOTE: If you receive water from a municipality/community water system, your water may already be treated for nitrates and be safe to drink. If you have questions about your water quality, contact your water purveyor.

Eligible applicants are:

  1. Residents located in the following four groundwater basins (see map):
    • 180/400 foot Aquifer
    • East Side Aquifer
    • Forebay Aquifer
    • Upper Aquifer
  2. Who either own or get water from a small water system such as those identified in Exhibit A ;


  3. Drinking Water comes from a domestic well. A FREE water sample will be taken as part of this program.


The Central Coast Water Quality Board has initiated a FREE domestic well testing program for residents in Monterey County.  Press Release.  To apply:; call Bilingual toll free line to schedule testing (844) 613-5152

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Application
  2. Email it to

    Parry Klassen with CURES,


  3. 3. Apply online:
    Someta la solicitud Aqui:

Contact Information

Questions on the program, eligibility, application, etc., can be directed to:

Toll-Free Information line (Bilingüe): 1-855-673-1066

Parry Klassen, CURES
Phone: (559) 288-8125

Other Useful Information

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