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GAMA - Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment Program


Visit the GAMA Program Publications online map to spatially view study units and access available publications for each study unit.

The following reports, tables, and documents are related to groundwater quality in the State of California.

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GAMA Reports – Priority Basin Project

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GAMA Reports – Domestic Well Project
GAMA Reports – Special Studies Project


White Paper on GAMA Special Studies:

Project Reports:

Other Groundwater Reports

Many other groups, including non-profit environmental advocacy groups, university researchers, and others have prepared reports related to groundwater quality in California. A selection of these reports is available below:

Assembly Bills and Related Reports
California Aquifer Susceptibility (CAS) Project

California Aquifer Susceptibility Assessment

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory CAS Reports

USGS CAS Reports

Hydrogeologically Vulnerable Areas (HVA)

Hydrogeologically Vulnerable Areas - In 2000, the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Quality, created a California map identifying soil or rock conditions that may be more vulnerable to groundwater contamination.

The Hydrogeologic Vulnerable Areas Shapefile is available on GeoTracker GAMA-GAMA Shapefile Download

Water Quality Goals

The State Water Resources Control Board Compilation of Water Quality Goals

  • A new 17th Edition of the staff report “A Compilation of Water Quality Goals” dated January 2016, has been released. Please cease using earlier editions of this report and earlier versions of the Water Quality Goals tables, as they contain outdated information.
  • Water Quality Goals Searchable Database - contains an extensive compendium of numeric water quality thresholds from the literature for over 860 chemical constituents and water quality parameters

State Water Board Division of Drinking Water (formerly California Department of Public Health)

Department of Water Resources
  • DWR Bulletin 118 - The Department of Water Resources publishes descriptions, maps, and GIS compatible data files for over 400 delineated groundwater basins in California.

Department of Pesticide Regulation

The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) maintains a Ground Water Protection Program. Groundwater regulations related to pesticide use and application can be found here, along with maps and files of sensitive groundwater protection areas.