Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) Issues

Beginning on July 1, 2017, groundwater basins without complete GSA coverage will be subject to State Water Board intervention. Visit our State Intervention page for details.

GSA Resources

GSA Eligibility Questions

Requesting Entity State Water Board Response
Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin GSA Question and Related Materials (06/09/2017)
Clark Colony Water Company Question and Related Materials (06/09/2017)
Marina Coast Water District Question and Related Materials (06/15/2017)
City of Greenfield Question and Materials (06/22/2017)
California State University, Fresno State Question 10/20/2016
Related Materials
Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency Question 06/17/2016
Related Materials
Eastern Kern County Resource Conservation District Question 05/13/2016
Related Materials
Eastern Municipal Water District Question 04/06/2016
Related Materials
Sonoma County Winegrape Commission Question 04/20/2016
Related Materials
Sonoma Resource Conservation District Question 03/16/2016
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