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Federal CWA 319(h) Program

This program is an annual federally funded nonpoint source pollution control program that is focused on controlling activities that impair beneficial uses and on limiting pollutant effects caused by those activities. States must establish priority rankings for waters on lists of impaired waters and develop action plans, known as Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), to improve water quality. Project proposals that address TMDL implementation and those that address problems in impaired waters are favored in the selection process. There is also a focus on implementing management activities that lead to reduction and/or prevention of pollutants that threaten or impair surface and ground waters.


2011 CWA 319(h) Nonpoint Source Grant Program

The CWA 319(h) Full Proposal Solicitation Notice and List of projects invited to submit full proposals are available for viewing below:

Full Proposal Application Instructions

Application Templates

Appendices to the 319(h) NPS 2011 Grant Program Guidelines (Attachment 1)

Funded Projects

319(h) Contract Schedules:

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Questions or comments about the Federal 319 Program?

  • For CWA 319(h) Grant Program email Jeanie Mascia, Division of Water Quality, or phone 916 323-2871
  • For FAAST and Match Funding email Patricia Leary, Division of Financial Assistance, or phone 916 341-5167