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Drinking Water Well Replacement Program

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) was authorized $8 million by Senate Bill 108 (SB108) of which $5 million will be used to assist individual households and small water systems to replace failed drinking water wells for disadvantaged households. These funds are administered by two non-profit organizations as grants.

Eligible Recipients

  • Individual Households (Homeowners)
  • Small Water Systems serving less than 15 connections

Eligible Project Activities (include, but not limited to)

  • New well construction
  • Design costs of necessary infrastructure
  • Well replacement, including extending wells to deeper aquifers
  • Permits
  • Distribution/Conveyance pipelines (up to the point of entry of household)
  • Water Quality Sampling and Laboratory Analysis
  • Limited Treatment systems (such as point-of-use devices)
  • All necessary appurtenances, etc.

Maximum Funding

  • Up to $45,000 for Individual Households
  • Up to $100,000 for Small Water Systems

How to Apply

Please contact one of the non-profit organizations below who are administering the funds under this program:

  • Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC)
  • CONTACT: Deborah Almazan
    2978 North Fork Road
    Fernley, NV 89408
    (725) 221-0474

    California Counties Served: All (Statewide)

Contact Information

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