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Financial Assistance Programs - Grants and Loans

Proposition 13 CalFed Drinking Water Quality Program

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The CALFED Drinking Water Quality Program, funded by Proposition 13 and Proposition 50, provides funding for drinking water quality projects that meet the following objectives:

  • The primary objective of the program is to continuously improve source water quality so that municipal water suppliers can deliver safe, reliable and affordable drinking water that meets and, where feasible, is better than applicable drinking water standards.
  • The program has specific targets for bromide and total organic carbon but also addresses salinity, microbial pathogens, turbidity, nutrients, taste, odor, and other constituents that negatively impact municipal water uses.

Funding Information

Eligible Applicants: Local public agencies & nonprofit organizations with landowner members directly benefiting from the project
Eligible Project Types:
  1. Projects consistent with local watershed management plans and regional water quality control plans.
  2. Broad-based nonpoint source projects
  3. Consistant with the waterboards/RWQCB "Integrated Plan for Implementation of the Watershed Management Initiative"
  4. Implement management measures and practices pursuant to the waterboards/RWQCB nonpoint source control program.
  Additional Program Criteria
Funding Available: To be determined
Fund Source: Proposition 13
Loans or Grants: Grants
Applications: Currently not accepting applications

Contact Information

Ken Coulter (email)
(916) 341-5496

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Reference Material

None at this time.

Funded Projects

None at this time.