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Financial Assistance Programs - Grants and Loans

Proposition 13 CALFED Watershed Program

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The CALFED Watershed Program, funded by Proposition 13 and Proposition 50, provides funding for watershed protection projects that meet the following objectives:

  • Facilitate and improve coordination and assistance among government agencies, other organizations, and local watershed groups.
  • Develop watershed monitoring and assessment protocols to be integrated into the overall CALFED science and monitoring program.
  • Support education and outreach.
  • Integrate the Watershed Program with other CALFED Programs.
  • Define the relationship between watershed processes and the CALFED Program goals and objectives.
  • Implement a strategy that will assure support and long-term sustainability of local watershed activities.
Implementation Priorities

To pursue these objectives the program has established a set of initial implementation priorities. These implementation priorities will be pursued through this grant process. They are as follows:

  • Building local community capacity to assess and effectively manage watersheds that affect the bay delta system.
  • Development or refinement of watershed assessments and plans.
  • Design, development and implementation of specific watershed conservation, maintenance, and restoration actions.

Funding Information

Eligible Applicants: Municipalities, local agencies, nonprofit organizations, Indian tribes, and state agencies
Eligible Project Types:
  1. Reduce chronic flooding or control water velocity and volume using nonstructural methods
  2. Protect and enhance greenbelts and riparian and wetlands habitats
  3. Restore or improve habitat for aquatic or terrestrial species
  4. monitor the water quality conditions and assess the environmental health of watersheds
  5. Use Geographic Information System to display and manage the environmental data describing the watershed
  6. Prevent watershed soil erosion and sedimentation of surface waters
  7. Support beneficial groundwater recharge capabilities
  8. Reduce the discharge of pollutants from storm water or nonpoint source
Funding Available: To be determined
Fund Source: Proposition 13
Loans or Grants: Grants
Applications: Currently not accepting applications

Contact Information

Shahla Farahnak (email)
Project Development Section
(916) 341-5737

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Reference Material

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Funded Projects

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