Clearinghouse Review

Basic CEQA Information

The Environmental Section encourages all potential applicants to submit the draft CEQA documents to the State Clearinghouse for review and comment and identify the State Water Board, Division of Financial Assistance (Division) as a recipient. This helps ensure that the Division’s comments are addressed during the draft stage rather than after the CEQA document have been adopted or certified by the Lead Agency. Applicants are encouraged to submit the draft CEQA documents directly to the Division before, or during the State Clearinghouse review period to ensure that the Division receives the documents and its comments are included in the drafting process 

Administrative draft CEQA documents may also be submitted to the Division for review and comment prior to the State Clearinghouse review period. Since each project is unique, applicants should contact the Environmental Section early in the project planning process. Refer to the CEQA Process Flow Chart for when Responsible Agency and Lead Agency coordination is necessary.

Useful CEQA Information