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Water Boards: Financial Assistance Programs - Grants and Loans

Financial Assistance Programs - Grants and Loans

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) in coordination with the nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards (Regional Water Boards), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), CALFED, and Resource Agency agencies, are working to implement the 2005-06 Consolidated Grants Program.

The 2005-06 Consolidated Grants integrates and coordinates related grant programs for Watershed Protection, Water Management, Agricultural Water Quality, Drinking Water, Urban Stormwater, and Non-Point Source Pollution Control. Approximately $143 million will be made available from six interrelated grant programs administered by the State Water Board’s Division of Financial Assistance. Consolidation of these grants reduces application efforts and better integrates program goals with our partner agencies, which include the US EPA, CALFED, Coastal Commission, Coastal Conservancy, Department of Water Resources, Department of Fish and Game, Resources Agency, and other related agencies. The 2005-06 Consolidated Grants are funded utilizing Proposition 40, Proposition 50, and federal appropriations. The six consolidated programs are as follows:

    1. Proposition 40 - Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program
    2. Proposition 50 - Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program
    3. Federal Clean Water Act Section 319 (h) - Nonpoint Source Implementation Program
    4. Propositions 40 and 50 - Agricultural Water Quality Grant Program
    5. Proposition 40 - Urban Stormwater Program
    6. Proposition 40 - Integrated Watershed Management Program

NOTE:  Proposition 50 CALFED Watershed Program grant funds are distributed through the State Water Resources Control Board and the Department of Water Resources (DWR). Information on the upcoming DWR grant solicitation is available on DWR’s “CALFED Watershed Program” web site.