Financial Assistance Programs – Grants and Loans


The Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Grant Program’s intent is to promote and practice integrated regional water management to ensure sustainable water uses, reliable water supplies, better water quality, environmental stewardship, efficient urban development, protection of agriculture, and a strong economy.

Proposition 50, Chapter 8 (Prop 50), provided approximately $380 million for two types of competitive grants for the IRWM Grant Program, planning and implementation. The Planning Grants fostered development or completion of IRWM Plans or components thereof, to enhance regional planning efforts, and to assist more applicants to become eligible for Implementation Grant funding. Implementation Grants funded projects that met one or more of the program objectives of protecting communities from drought, protecting and improving water quality, and improving local water security by reducing dependence on imported water. All grant funds from Prop 50 have been allocated as described below.

The IRWM Grant Program, funded by Prop 50, provided approximately $14.7 million during the first round of funding for Planning Grants, of which approximately $2.1 million was allocated for the development of Integrated Coastal Watershed Management (ICWM) Plans. Prop 50 provided approximately $307 million during Round 1 and approximately $58 million during Round 2 for Implementation Grants.

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