Financial Assistance Programs - Grants and Loans


All grant recipients are required to prepare a Project Assessment and Evaluation Plan (PAEP) at the initiation of their project.

The PAEP Includes:

  1. General information about the project and the step-by-step process involved in creating the project's Assessment and Evaluation Framework (blue text).

  2. The Assessment and Evaluation Framework (red text).

This Framework can then be used in quarterly and final reports and throughout the project to help evaluate and report on project progress, track successes, and identify problems.

A well-developed PAEP provides for better tracking of project problems, measurements to gauge if goals are being met, and easier reporting to the legislature, which in turn provides support for funding more projects.

The State Water Resources Control Board has developed the PAEP guidance and tools below to provide assistance to grant recipients when preparing a PAEP.

  (Page last updated 6/14/18)