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Wastewater Construction Grants Program

Financial Assistance Programs – Grants and Loans

Wastewater Construction Grants Program

Amount: The Bond Act authorizes $35.5 million for grant assistance.

Appropriations: Subject to annual appropriation by the Legislature

Program Description
This is a new program in Proposition 13 and will provide construction grant assistance to the cities of Stockton, Manteca, Tracy, and Orange Cove for the construction of wastewater treatment facilities. The legislation does not indicate the amount of grant funding each community should receive.

Historical Implementation
In a previous instance where the Legislature appropriated funds for the City of Mendota, the DCWP presented an agenda item to the SWRCB asking for authorization to issue a grant to the City of Mendota. Once approved by the SWRCB, a grant contract was processed and money was disbursed as costs were incurred.

Tentative Schedule Tasks/Timetables
Issue grants - As projects become ready and are approved by the SWRCB.

Implementation Process
Agreement was reached with each of the four cities regarding the distribution of the funds. The SWRCB also approved the use of State requirements contained in the June 18, 1998 State Revolving Fund Loan Program Policy for reviewing project proposals from each of the four cities.

Questions or Comments?

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