Groundwater Workplan

Comment deadline extended to Wednesday, December 18, 2013.

Entity Representative
California Department of Public Health Tim R. Hall
Public participant Tony St. Amant
Public participant Mark Calhoon
The Nature Conservancy Daniel Wendell
California Farm Bureau Federation Christian Scheuring
O.W.L. Foundation Jane Nielson
PRO Water Equity, Inc. Sue Luft
Inyo County Water Department Bob Harrington
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Tim Mayer
Public participant Fred Krieger
Rural County Representatives of California Kathy Mannion
Klamath Forest Alliance Felice Pace
Public participant Sheila Lyons
Separation Processes, Inc. (SPI) Jim Vickers
Klamath Riverkeeper Konrad Fisher
Irvine Ranch Water District Paul Cook
North Coast Stream Flow Coalition Chris Malan
Jane Nielson
Santa Clara Valley Water District Beau Goldie
Butte County Public Health Department Cathy Raevsky
Orange County Water District Michael Markus
Public participant Malena Marvin
Public participant Aaron Longton
Association of Ground Water Agencies Anthony Zampiello
Water Replenishment District of Southern California Robb Whitaker
Western States Petroleum Association Kevin Buchan
Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster Anthony Zampiello
Kings County Board of Supervisors Doug Verboon
Raymond Basin Management Board Anthony Zampiello
Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency Jerry Conrow
California Sportfishing Protection Alliance Chris Shutes
National Marine Fisheries Service William Stelle Jr.
Union of Concerned Scientists Juliet Christian-Smith
Center for Biological Diversity Adam Lazar
Law Offices of Patrick Maloney Patrick Maloney

199-page attachment
Earth Law Center Linda Sheehan
Grant Wilson
California Association of Sanitation Agencies
Central Valley Clean Water Association
Adam Link
Debbie Webster
Paramount Farming William Phillimore
Yuba County Water Agency Curt Aikens
California Groundwater Coalition Ken Manning
North Bay Agriculture Alliance Tito Sasaki
Trout Unlimited Chandra Ferrari
Alameda County Water District Robert Shaver
Merced County Department of Public Healh Ron Rowe
California Coastkeeper Alliance
Environment Now
Seth Boswell
Caryn Mandelbaum
California Department of Water Resources Paula Landis
Santa Barbara Channelkeeper Ben Pitterle
Northern California Water Association David Guy
California Farm Bureau Federation (2nd set of comments) Christian Scheuring
Public participant Richard Bailey
Turlock Irrigation District Casey Hashimoto
Heal the Ocean Hillary Hauser
James Hawkins
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Katherine Rubin
Western Placer County Groundwater Management Plan Partners Cathy Lee
AquAlliance Barbara Vlamis
Best Best & Krieger LLP (on behalf of Southern San Joaquin Valley Water Quality Coalition) William Thomas
California State Association of Counties Cara Martinson
Colusa County
Glenn County
Denise Carter & Kim Vann
Denise Carter & John Viegas
The Nature Conservancy (2nd set of comments) Maurice Hall
Association of California Water Agencies David Bolland
San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation Jack Hamm
San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority Dan Nelson
Delta Stewardship Council Cindy Messer
Sustainable Conservation J. Stacey Sullivan
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Luana Kiger
Agricultural Council of California Emily Rooney
O’Laughlin & Paris LLP (on behalf of San Joaquin Tributaries Authority) Valerie Kincaid
Clean Water Action
Community Water Center
California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.
Environmental Justice Coalition for Water
Leadership Council for Justice and Accountability
Jennifer Clary
Laurel Firestone
Jeanette Pantoja
Colin Bailey
Phoebe Seaton
Public participant Jo Anne Kipps
KMI Kay Mercer
Northeastern San Joaquin County Groundwater Banking Authority Ken Vogel
Napa County Department of Public Works Steven Lederer
Butte County Department of Water and Resource Conservation Paul Gosselin
Kings River Conservation District David Orth
Heal the Bay Kirsten James
Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s Associations
Institute for Fisheries Resources
Rachel Hawkins
Public participants Multiple persons submitting same comment letter
(list of names)
Groundwater Resources Association of California (submitted after Dec. 18, 2013 comment deadline) Timothy Parker
Public participant (submitted after Dec. 18, 2013 comment deadline) Kathy Pons
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (2nd set of comments) Albert Gastelum

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