National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Response to Comments on the July 3, 2014 Draft NPDES Permit

The following comment letters are enumerated to match how the State Water Board summarized the comments in the letters and what the corresponding comments and responses are in the response to comments document.

Public Comments regarding Drinking Water Systems General Permit

  • Public Notice
  • Deadline to receive comments by: August 19, 2014 by 12:00 noon


Commenter(s) Submitted by Enumerated Letter and Comments
Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Zone 7 G.F. Duerig Letter1
Alameda County Water District Walter Wadlow Letter2 [2.04 MB]
American Water Works Association, California-Nevada Section Timothy Worley Letter3
Association of California Water Agencies Adam Walukiewicz Letter4
California Association of Mutual Water Companies Adán Ortega, Jr. Letter5
California Coastkeeper Alliance Rickey Russell
Sara Aminzadeh
California Water Association Jack Hawks Letter7 [7.66 MB]
California Water Service Company Dale Gonzales Letter8 [2.81 MB]
Calleguas Municipal Water District Amy Maday Letter9
Casitas Municipal Water District Susan McMahon Letter10
Castaic Lake Water Agency Dan Masnada Letter11
City and County of San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission Steven Ritchie Letter12 [2.19 MB]
City of Anaheim Public Utilities Department Richard Wilson Letter13
City of Corona Department of Water and Power Adoga Kiharangwa Letter14 [1.00 MB]
City of Escondido Helen Davies Letter15
City of Huntington Beach Public Works Department Duncan Lee Letter16
City of Orange Joe DeFrancesco Letter17 [1.29 MB]
City of Sacramento Sherill Huun Letter18
City of San Diego's Public Utilities Department Marie Wright-Travis Letter19
City of San Jose Napp Fukuda Letter20
City of Santa Monica Myriam Cardenas Letter21
City of Sunnyvale John Stufflebean Letter22
Coachella Valley Water District Steve Bigley Letter23
Del Paso Manor Water District Debra Sedwick Letter24
East Bay Municipal Utility District Chandra Johannesson Letter25
Eastern Municipal Water District Jayne Joy Letter26
El Dorado Irrigation District Jim Abercrombie Letter27 [1.79 MB]
General Public Donald Peter Letter28
General Public Joyce Dillard Letter29
General Public Rick Hydrick Letter30
General Public Shane Wachlin Letter31
Golden State Water Company David Chang Letter32
Irvine Ranch Water District Paul Cook Letter33 [2.41 MB]
Kupferle Robert Galvin Letter34
Lagerlof Senecal Gosney & Kruse LLP on behalf of Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company James Ciampa Letter35 [4.65 MB]
Lagerlof Senecal Gosney & Kruse LLP on behalf of Public Water Agencies Group James Ciampa Letter36 [4.64 MB]
Mariposa Public Utility District Mark Rowney Letter37
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Bart Koch Letter38 [9.11 MB]
Modesto Irrigation District Patrick Ryan Letter39
Otay Water District Pedro Porras Letter40 [3.00 MB]
Pasadena Water & Power
Pasadena Water & Power
Valencia Water Company
Glendale Water & Power
City of Inglewood
San Gabriel Valley Water Company
Coachella Valley Water District
Cucamonga Valley Water District
Montebello Land & Water Company
Park Water Company
Channel Islands Beach Community Services District
California Domestic Water Company
La Canada Irrigation District
City of Santa Monica
San Gabriel County Water District
City of Paramount
Orchard Dale Water District
City of Alhambra
Newhall County Water District
South Montebello Irrigation District
Bella Vista Water District
Burbank Water and Power
City of Norwalk
Crescenta Valley Water District
La Puente Valley County Water District
City of Lakewood
City of La Verne
Santa Clarita Water Division
California Water Services Company
Pico Water District
Lincoln Avenue Water Company
Three Valley Municipal Water District
Del Rio Mutual Water Company
Walnut Valley Water District
City of Sierra Madre
Foothill Municipal Water District
Desert Water Agency
Valencia Heights Water Company
Kinneloa irrigation District
Castaic Lake Water Agency
Riverside Public Utilities
Calleguas Municipal Water District
Valley County Water District
City of Downey
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
City of Pomona
City of Commerce
City of San Fernando
Sunny Slope Water Company
City of South Pasadena
City of Vernon
Rubio Canon Land and Water Association
David Kimbrough
Shan Kwan
Keith Abercrombie
Ramon Abueg
Louis Atwell
Dan Arrighi
Steve Bigley
John Bosler
Ken Bradbury
Jeanne-Marie Bruno
Jared Bouchard
Jim Byerrum
Doug Caister
Myriam Cardenas
Barbara Carrera
Chrisopher Cash
Ed Castaneda
Mary Chavez
Stephen Cole
Alberto Corrales
David Coxey
Ron Davis
Michael Egan
Dennis Erdman
Greg Galindo
James Glancy
Daniel Keesey
Mauricio Guardado, Jr.
Dale Gonzales
Mark Grajeda
Robert Hayward
Rick Hansen
Jose Herrera
Michael Holmes
Bill Inman
Nina Jazmadarian
David Luker
P. David Michalko
Melvin Matthews
Dan Masnada
Kevin Milligan
Susan Mulligan
Lynda Noriega
John Oskoui
David Pedersen
Darron Poulsen
Jorge Rifa
Brian Saeki
Ken Tcheng
Paul Toor
Samuel Kevin Wilson
Lillian Woods
Letter41 [1.80 MB
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Jason Uhley Letter42 [1.07 MB]
San Diego County Water Authority and its member agencies
Padre Dam Municipal Water District
Vallecitos Water District
Carlsbad Municipal Water District
Rainbow Municipal Water District
Vista Irrigation District
Santa Fe Irrigation District
City of Oceanside
City of Poway
Ken Weinberg
Allen Carlisle
Dennis Lamb
Wendy Chambers
Chuck Sneed
Roy Coox
Michael Bardin
Cari Dale
Leah Browder
Letter43 [1.97 MB]
San Francisco Bay Regional Water Agency Partners Michael Ambrose Letter44
San Jose Water Company Francois Rodigari Letter45
San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program Matthew Fabry Letter46
Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program Adam Olivieri Letter47 [1.61 MB]
Santa Clara Valley Water District Frank Maitski Letter48
Soquel Creek Water District Kim Adamson Letter49 [1.34 MB]
South Coast Water District Andrew Brunhart Letter50
Stanford University Utility Services Julia Nussbaum Letter51
The Sea Ranch Water Company Randy Burke Letter52
Tuolumne Utilities District Thomas Scesa Letter53 [1.18 MB]

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