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Mercury Discharge Offset Policy

Public Comments

The public was invited to comment on the scope and content of the environmental information that should be included in these draft environmental documents for the proposed state policy for water quality control in San Francisco Bay, Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and Tributaries Discharge Offset Policy

Date Received
Baykeeper Jonathan Kaplan 2/28/07
California Association of Sanitation Agencies, etc. Roberta Larson, et al. 2/28/07
California Farm Bureau Federation John Hewitt 2/28/07
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Douglas Craig 2/28/07
Central Valley Clean Water Association Warren Tellefson 2/28/07
Clean Water Action Andria Ventura 2/28/07
East Bay Municipal district David Williams 2/28/07
Environmental Law Foundation Dan Gildor 2/28/07
Institute for Fisheries Resources Kristin Hunter Thompson 2/28/07
Ironhouse Sanitary district Jennifer Skrel 2/28/07
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Association Zeke Grader 2/28/07
Partnership for Sound Science in Environmental Policy Craig Johns 2/28/07
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Wendell Kido 2/28/07
United States Environmental Protection Agency Alexis Strauss 2/28/07
Western States Petroleum Association Kevin Buchan 2/28/07
Department of Fish and Game Lori Clamurro 2/27/07
South Delta Water Agency John Herrick 2/26/07

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