Water Quality Control Policy for Siting, Design, Operation and Maintenance of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS Policy)

DRAFT POLICY on the Siting, Design, Operation and Management of OWTS - Septic Systems

Public Comments Received on the Draft Policy

The State Water Board invited the public to comment on the draft State Policy for Water Quality Control for Siting, Design, Operation, and Management of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS Policy) and a draft Substitute Environmental Document (SED).

  * Please Note:  The comment letters have been annotated to identify individual comments. The annotations in the margins of the letters, as well as the letter number in the table below, correspond to responses in the 'Staff Response to Comments' document. For example, the number 15.3 in the 'Staff Response to Comments' document corresponds to letter number 15, comment number 3.
Agency/Organization/Interested Party Submitted By
Agua Dulce Town Council Don Henry 6
Amador County Environmental Health Michael Israel 30
Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency Marina West 82
Calaveras County Environmental Management Agency Brian Moss 71
California Association of Realtors Jelisaveta Gavric 7
California Coastkeeper Alliance Sara Aminzadeh
Sean Bothwell
California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health Jerry Sipe 15
California Department of Public Health Richard Blood 3
California Environmental Health Association Theodore Walker 14
California Onsite Wastewater Association Mark Adams 56
California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation
Community Water Center
Clean Water Action
Esmeralda Soria
Laurel Firestone
Jennifer Clary
California State Assembly Legislature Assemblyman Tim Donnelly 72
California State Association of Counties
League of California Cities
Karen Keene
Kyra Ross
California State Senate Senator Sharon Runner 73
CalRecycle Brenda Smyth 66
Canyon Land Conservation Fund Ed Amador 37
Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center Heather Campbell
John Buckley
City of Barstow Troy Minnick
Mike Shipley
Brad Merrell
Oliver Chi
City of Calabasas Maureen Tamuri 38
City of Hesperia Scott Priester 25
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Enrique Zaldivar 54
City of Malibu Andrew Sheldon
Craig George
County of Marin Environmental Health Services Jock Smith 44
County of Marin Environmental Health Services Division Armando Alegria 8
County of Sacramento Barry Marcus 81
County of Sonoma Nathan Quarles 75
County of Tuolumne Richard Pland 70
County of Ventura William Stratton 40
Eagle’s Nest Owners Association David Wardall 13
General Public David Jensen 58
General Public Unknown 80
General Public Laurel Ward 49
General Public Robert Berger 10
General Public Andrew Ward 45
General Public Judith Bruno 76
General Public Teri 78
General Public Paul Giordano 77
General Public Jim Mamer 36
General Public Linda Unger 33
General Public Leslie Groenewold 32
General Public William Groenewold 31
General Public Sherry Meddick 65
General Public Joyce Dillard 62
General Public Michelle Nelson 61
Heal the Bay
Heal the Ocean
Susie Santilena
Kristen James
Hillary Hauser
Hi-Desert Water District Sarann Graham 23
Homestead Valley Community Council Jim Harvey 16
Humboldt Association of Realtors Matt Babich
Victoria Copeland
Infiltrator Systems Inc. David Lentz 5
Inter-Canyon League Phil McWilliams 41
International Wastewater Solutions Corporation Robert Rawson 2
Joan C. Lavine Attorney at Law Joan Lavine (7.7 MB) 43
Jubilee Mutual Water Company Richard Selby
Rudy Cervantes
Lake County Health Services Department Raymond Ruminski 57
Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation Kim Lamorie (6.4 MB) 42
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Patrick Nejadian 24
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Katherine Rubin 59
Lucerne Valley Economic Development Association Chuck Bell 21
Madera County Board of Supervisors Ronn Dominici 22
Mariposa County Board of Supervisors Janet Bibby 11
Mojave Desert Resource Conservation Jackie Lindgren 53
Mojave Water Agency Art Bishop
Doug Shumway
Orange County Public Works Ignacio Ochoa 69
Orenco Systems Jason Churchill 51
Placer County Facility Services Department Bill Zimmerman 47
Placer County Health and Human Services Department Mogan Ganapathy 52
Questa Engineering Corp. Norman Hantzsche 55
Regional Council of Rural Counties James Hemminger 28
Sacramento Area Sewer District Terrie Mitchell 34
Santa Clara Valley Water District Joan Maher 35
Solano County Department of Resource Management Terry Schmidtbauer 29
The Art Department Kevin Topp 79
Town of Apple Valley Dennis Cron 18
Town of Paradise Doug Danz 19
Town of Yucca Valley Mark Nuaimi 64
Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority Patricia Johnson 17

Public Comments regarding OWTS June 5, 2012 version of the Proposed Policy & SED

Agency/Organization/Interested Party Representative
California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health Gerald Sipe
Sacramento County Environmental Management Department Barry Marcus
Sacramento Area Sewer District Terri Mitchell


  • Please email: Jeanie Mascia or phone (916) 323-2871