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Why We Conduct Peer Reviews

The law, now Health and Safety Code Section 57004, requires all Cal/EPA organizations to submit for external scientific review the scientific basis and scientific portion of all proposed policies, plans and regulations. The peer reviewer’s responsibility is to determine whether the scientific findings, conclusions, and assumptions are based upon sound scientific knowledge, methods, and practices.

How We Set Up the Reviews

The State Water Board has developed peer review guidelines to accomplish a peer review.

The guidelines clearly lay out the responsibilities of the reviewers and of the regulatory agencies responding to them.

The guidelines require the scientific basis and portion of a proposal to be commented upon by scientific experts.

An initial request for reviewers is prepared by the responsible Water Board organization for each proposal to be reviewed and is submitted to the Cal/EPA Program Manager for Scientific Peer Review. The request includes a cover letter setting the context for the proposed regulatory action, and attachments including:

  • a plain English summary
  • the scientific findings, conclusions, and assumptions to focus the review
  • a description of how the science is being implemented
  • and a list of participants that developed the proposal (these individuals cannot serve as peer reviewers)

Reviewers can also comment on essential topics they feel might have been overlooked, and on whether the parts of the strategy logically fit together as a coherent whole.

Additional Peer Review Opportunities

Other worthy subjects of statewide significance, such as risk assessments and technical guidance documents, can also be submitted for review.

Supplemental Information for the Peer Review Program

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