California State Water Resources control Board's draft cannabis cultivation policy - principles and guidelines for cannabis cultivation

Peer Review Request for Review and Response

Peer Reviewers' Curriculum Vitae
  • Thomas Ballestero, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor & Director
    UNH Stormwater Center
    University of New Hampshire
    238 Gregg Hall, 35 Colovos Road
    Durham, NH 03824
    Telephone: 603-862-1405

    E-mail:  tom.ballestero@unh.edu

  • James A. Gore, Ph.D.
    Professor (Retired) and Dean Emeritus
    College of Natural and Health Sciences
    University of Tampa
    PH 201, 401 W. Kennedy Boulevard
    Tampa, FL 33606
    Telephone: 813-422-9827
    E-mail: jgore@ut.edu

  • Joe Magner, Ph.D.
    Research Professor
    Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
    College of Science and Engineering
    University of Minnesota
    16 Bio Ag Eng Building
    1390 Eckles Avenue
    St. Paul, MN 55108
    Telephone: 612-626-0875
    E-mail: jmagner@umn.edu

  • Diane McKnight, Ph.D.
    Professor and Director
    Center for Water, Earth Science and Technology
    Environmental Engineering Program
    College of Engineering and Applied Science
    University of Colorado Boulder
    ECES 124, 1111 Engineering Drive
    Boulder, CO 80309
    Telephone: 303-492-4687
    E-mail: Diane.Mcknight@colorado.edu


Peer Reviews and Response to Reviewers

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