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Storm Water Program - STORMS

STORMS - Strategy to Optimize Resource Management of Storm Water

Chapter 7. Strategy Updates and Revisions

The Storm Water Strategy is envisioned as a living process that will take advantage of the interactive nature of the internet. Accordingly, an interactive website will be created to display the Storm Water Strategy's goals, objectives, and associated projects, while also providing routine project status updates and deliverables.

In addition, the interactive website will be designed to integrate previous comments received and new stakeholder input on specific sections of the Storm Water Strategy. The interactive nature of this format will generate new connections, concepts, and solutions for the goals of the Storm Water Strategy. Lessons learned from projects initiated in previous phases of implementation may also influence the scope and priority of future projects or result in new projects being added to the Storm Water Strategy.

There are many regulatory, non-governmental organizations, and educational institutions with efforts that support the goals and objectives of the Storm Water Strategy. The interactive website will also be used as a repository for linking existing efforts and will attempt to consolidate content of ongoing studies, data, and/or regulations.