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Project 4a: Implement Senate Bill 985 - Incorporate Principles of Storm Water Resource Plan Guidelines into Storm Water Programs

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Storm Water Strategy Description

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Priority: Very High, Assessment: Critically important, required by statute

Project Objective

Monitor application of Storm Water Resource Plan Guidelines pursuant to the Storm Water Resource Planning Act of 2014, and in accordance with Water Code section 10565 (Senate Bill 985, Pavley, Statutes of 2014). Assist in modifying storm water planning, permitting, and funding programs to support the priority actions identified in Storm Water Resource Plan Guidelines.


Implement Senate Bill 985:

  1. Develop review criteria for Water Board staff to evaluate Storm Water Resource Plans.
  2. Review current storm water permits, policies, plans, and funding programs to identify how to best incorporate storm water resource planning efforts.


Water Code section 10563(c)(1), as amended by Senate Bill (SB) 985, requires a public agency to develop a Storm Water Resource Plan (Plan) as a condition of receiving funds from any bond approved by voters after January 2014. The intent of SB 985 was to encourage the use of storm water and dry weather runoff as a resource to improve water quality, reduce localized flooding, and increase water supplies for beneficial uses and the environment. Accordingly, the development of Plans will encourage public agencies to identify opportunities to use existing publicly owned lands and easements to capture, treat, store, and use storm water and dry weather runoff either onsite or offsite. The Plans should prioritize projects that will assist in attaining water quality outcomes. Water Code section 10565 also requires the State Water Board to specify the types of local agencies that must be consulted in Plan development, which provides an opportunity to ensure collaboration with water supply and groundwater sustainability agencies.

Products and Timelines:

Spring 2018: Monitor application of Storm Water Resource Plan Guidelines in accordance with Water Code section 10565 (as amended by SB 985).

Ongoing: Review Storm Water Resource Plans. Work with other watershed planning efforts to incorporate the principles of Storm Water Resource Plan Guidelines in related programs. Update the Storm Water Resources Plan Guidelines as necessary to incorporate lessons learned from relevant Proposition 1 grant programs.

STORMS Objective 4

Establish Financially Sustainable Storm Water Programs


Change the Perspective that Storm Water is a Waste or Hazard, and Treat it as a Valuable Water Resource


Manage Storm Water to Preserve Watershed Processes and Achieve Desired Water Quality Outcomes

Project Information

Start 2016
Completion 2018
Prerequisite None
Jonathan Bishop
Lead Staff Jeffrey Albrecht
(916) 322-8569
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