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Project 4c: Identify Municipal Storm Water Permit Compliance Cost

Critically important, achievable with significant barriers



Project Objective:

Develop a framework to identify cost of compliance with storm water permit requirements.


Develop a standard accounting and allocation method to estimate the Storm Water Program costs including costs for personnel, operation and maintenance, and capital improvements. The method will differentiate cost of compliance from unrelated costs of infrastructure construction and maintenance.


Previous studies have shown that municipalities are not consistent in their approaches in estimating the cost of a storm water program. Different accounting and allocation methods (e.g., allocation of street sweeping to which public works program - storm water or street maintenance) are used to assign cost to a program. This creates a range in calculated program costs that varies from municipality to municipality and creates confusion as to the true cost of permit compliance. Previous work that includes cost information will be utilized where possible.

Products and Timelines:

1.5 Years: Produce a staff report outlining costs associated with storm water permits standardized estimating procedures, and a case study. 6 Months: Develop Item for State Water Board consideration of adoption.

Phase II

Objective 4

Establish Financially Sustainable Storm Water Programs

Goal 3

Implement Efficient and Effective Regulatory Programs

Project Information

Name Identify Municipal Storm Water Permit Compliance Cost
Start 2019
Completion 2021
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