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You may provide feedback on the Storm Water Strategy by submitting the STORMS Feedback Form.

Phase I Projects

Phase I Projects will be initiated immediately, with deliverables and project completion targeted within four years. The projects will use a combination of State Water Board staff, Regional Water Board staff, and contracted partners to achieve the objectives.

Project Products
1a. Promote Storm Water Capture and Use & 1b. Identify and Eliminate Barriers to Storm Water Capture and Use 2018 Final Report: Enhancing Urban Runoff Capture and Use
3a. Develop Guidance for Alternative Draft Final Report: Quantitative Methods that Support Reasonable Assurance Analysis for California's Alternative Compliance Framework
3b. Develop Watershed-Based Compliance and Management Guidelines and Tools
4a. Implement Senate Bill 985 - Incorporate Principles of Storm Water Resource Plan Guidelines into Storm Water Programs  
4b. Eliminate Barriers to Funding Storm Water Programs and Identify Funding for Storm Water Capture and Use Projects 2018 Staff Report: Eliminate Barriers to Funding Stormwater Programs and Identify Funding for Stormwater Capture and Use
5a. Create Storm Water Program Data and Information "Open Data" SMARTS Open Data sets

2017 Staff Report with Recommendations for Incorporating Open Data Concepts and Collaborative Activities for the Stormwater Program
6a. Establish Statewide Framework for Urban Pesticide Reduction 2017 Statewide Urban Pesticides Reduction Fact Sheet

2017 Urban Pesticides Amendments - Work Team Report
6b. Identify Opportunities for Source Control and Pollution Prevention  

Phase II Projects

Phase II Projects are targeted for completion within eight years of initiating the program. Lessons learned from the Phase I Projects may influence the scope, priority, and identification of the Phase II projects resulting in potential changes and/or additions to Phase I Projects with the exception of a Phase II Project with identified prerequisites. In that case the start date immediately follows completion of the prerequisites. Alternatively, additional contractor funding may be necessary to partner on a project, or to initiate a project on a timeframe independent of Water Board staff resources.

Phase III Projects

Phase III Projects have been targeted for completion within twelve years of initiating the program. Proposed Phase III Projects include projects categorized as medium and low priority. Estimated start dates were determined based on the average targeted completion date of Phase II Projects with the exception of a Phase III Project with an identified prerequisite. In that case, the start date immediately follows completion of the prerequisite.