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Our Mission … “To build and support the State’s Watersheds’ Stewardship through citizen monitoring in order to reduce and prevent water pollution.”

Citizen Monitoring

Citizen monitoring is any water quality monitoring activity that relies in whole or in part on participation by volunteers, students or non-paid staff. A variety of organizations may be involved in citizen monitoring projects, including but not limited to non-profit groups, Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs), Coordinated Resource Management and Planning (CRMP) groups, local government agencies, and colleges.

About the Clean Water Team
The Clean Water Team (CWT) is the citizen monitoring program of the State Water Resources Control Board. The CWT is a part of the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP). The CWT Citizen Monitoring Coordinator(s) work statewide in order to provide technical assistance and guidance documents, training, QA/QC support, temporary loans of equipment and communication to citizen monitoring programs and watershed stewardship organizations.

General Information on Citizen Monitoring
Learn more about citizen monitoring in California and how you can become involved with improving and protecting surface water quality as a citizen scientist.

Clean Water Team Resources

Citizen Monitoring Communication

The California Citizen Science, Crowdsourcing (CA-CSCS) and STEM Toolkit for Agencies and Tribes Working with Surface Waters and Watersheds STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Clean Water Team Technical and Organizational Resources (Citizen Monitoring Tools)

Clean Water Team Monitoring Equipment Lending Program

Citizen Monitoring Programs in California

Help the Clean Water Team Place Your Monitoring Program on the Map

Webinars on Citizen Monitoring

State Resources for California Watershed Monitoring and Stewardship

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The Achievements Report(s) highlights 2010-2015 accomplishments of the SWAMP and its partners which includes the Clean Water Team.

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