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  • CETIS/SWAMP Toxicity Data Translator (updated 10/26/08)
    The Comprehensive Environmental Toxicity Information System (CETIS) calculates and stores toxicity data for laboratories. The SWAMP formats are requested by many organizations throughout the state of California. The CETIS/SWAMP Data Translator is a Microsoft Access file used to assist laboratories using the CETIS program to translate their toxicity data to the SWAMP v2.5 formats (prior to October 2014) so the data can be SWAMP-comparable.

  • Bioassessment Data Entry Tool (updated 07/21/13) For more information on this tool please contact OIMA Helpdesk.
    This zip file contains documents used to enter SWAMP Bioassessment data if the Wadeable Streams Full protocol is followed. The MS Access Stream Habitat database is the front-end application where the user enters data to be stored in the MS Access Shell back-end database. A two-page Notes document in MS Word provides a brief description, notes, and tips for setting up and using the BA Data Entry Tool. The Taxa Entry form can be used for entering taxonomy data into the Shell back-end database. The Export application can be used to export field and taxonomy data from the Shell back-end database into SWAMP's MS Excel Field Collection and Results Template format. The SWAMP Sys file is available for SWAMP users requiring permissions to access their SWAMP 2.5 database. A training webinar is also available describing how to use the Bioassessment Data Entry Tool.

    • Bioassessment Documentation (updated 03/28/12):
      A PDF document of the DMP section that describes the process for entering bioassessment field data either live in the field or from SWAMP BA field data sheets into the SWAMP backend database using the SWAMP Stream Habitat database forms.