Draft California 2020 Integrated Report (303(d) List/305(b) Report)

Supporting Information

Regional Board 2 - San Francisco Bay Region

Water Body Name: San Rafael Creek
Water Body ID: CAR2032001220000413114045
Water Body Type: River & Stream
Region 2     
San Rafael Creek
Pollutant: Diazinon
Final Listing Decision: List on 303(d) list (being addressed by USEPA approved TMDL)
Last Listing Cycle's Final Listing Decision: List on 303(d) list (being addressed by USEPA approved TMDL)(2016)
Revision Status Original
Sources: A Source Unknown
TMDL Name: San Francisco Bay Urban Creeks Diazinon
TMDL Project Code: 9
Date TMDL Approved by USEPA: 05/16/2007
Impairment from Pollutant or Pollution: Pollutant
Regional Board Conclusion: 303(d) listing decisions made prior to 2006 were not held in an assessment database. The Regional Boards will update this decision when new data and information become available and are assessed. The USEPA final decision on the 2006 303(d) list was to move this listing to the being addressed by a USEPA approved TMDL portion of the 303(d) list, because the San Francisco Bay Urban Creeks Diazinon TMDL was approved by USEPA on 5/16/07 (USEPA, 2007).
Regional Board Decision Recommendation: This is a decision previously approved by the State Water Resources Control Board and the USEPA. No new data were assessed by the Regional Board for the current. The decision has not changed.
State Board Review of Regional Board Conclusion and Recommendation:
State Board Decision Recommendation: After review of this Regional Board decision, SWRCB staff recommend the decision be approved by the State Board.
Line of Evidence (LOE) for Decision ID 69824, Diazinon
Region 2     
San Rafael Creek
LOE ID: 1790
Pollutant: Diazinon
LOE Subgroup: Pollutant-Water
Matrix: Water
Fraction: None
Beneficial Use: Cold Freshwater Habitat
Number of Samples: 0
Number of Exceedances: 0
Data and Information Type: Not Specified
Data Used to Assess Water Quality: Unspecified--This LOE is a placeholder to support a 303(d) listing decision made prior to 2006.
Data Reference: Placeholder reference 2006 303(d)
Water Quality Objective/Criterion:
Objective/Criterion Reference:
Evaluation Guideline:
Guideline Reference:
Spatial Representation:
Temporal Representation:
Environmental Conditions:
QAPP Information: QA Info Missing
QAPP Information Reference(s):