Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

Alternative Compatibility Option

Alternate Mechanism for Compatibility

Existing State Water Board regulations require that a UST be approved by an independent testing organization and that an owner or operator of a UST use system components made of, lined with, materials that are compatible with the hazardous substances stored in the UST. Testing and approvals of USTs has not kept up with the introduction of and desire to use alternative fuels in California. The adopted regulation provides an option for compliance with existing independent testing and approval requirements so that UST owners and operators can store any substance in USTs in a manner that does not create any significant risk of adverse impacts to water. Similar to the temporary variance, the regulation limits the option to double walled USTs.

After June 1, 2012, when a UST owner/operator intends to store a substance that is not included in the independent testing organization approval or listing, the owner/operator must submit to the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) an affirmative statement of compatibility from the manufacturer for the specific substance being stored, including blend ratio. At a minimum the statement of compatibility should include the manufacturer(s) name, specific model or part number, containment type, current independent testing organization standard/approval, dates of manufacture, size, and the specific substance and blend that is compatible. For convenience, below are fill-in tables which are intended to assist manufacturers in providing all the necessary information. The tables provided are stored substance specific for clarity.

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