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UST Program - LG 113

UST Program - LG 113

National Work Group on Leak Detection Evaluations -
Policy Memorandum 2

Filling Work Group Vacancies
March 8, 1994; Revised April 11, 2000

A member may resign from the Work Group, or a vote by the Work Group may be taken to remove a member that is unable to adequately participate in all Work Group activities (this would be done using the "Decision Making Process" outlined in Policy Memorandum #1). In both cases, a vacancy is created that would need to be filled. The vacancy would be filled as follows:

I. There are normally 10 Work Group members. Members may nominate state and/or EPA candidates to fill a vacancy or vacancies so that there will continue to be a minimum of 7 state members with a minimum of 2 EPA members but no more than 3 EPA members on the Work Group.

II. The members must notify the Work Group Chairperson of the nominee by the deadline specified by the Chairperson.

III. The Chairperson will collect all names of nominees, check to ensure they are interested in becoming a member, and ask the candidates to provide the following information for consideration by the Work Group:

A. Name, title, work address and phone number.

B. Colleges or universities attended, major and minor, and Degree(s).

C. Number of years worked in the UST program.

D. Brief description of current job responsibilities. E. Amount (time spent) of experience in:

  1. Reviewing third party evaluations of leak detection equipment;
  2. Reviewing leak detection test method protocols;
  3. Field inspection of leak detection equipment;

F. Brief description of experience in the areas indicated in item E above.

G. Brief description of any special expertise with any certain system(s) and/or method(s) of leak detection.

H. A brief description of any experience in the area of statistics, such as college courses, other courses or seminars, or job experience.

I. Brief description of any applicable experience outside the state or EPA UST program that might be beneficial to the Work Group.

J. An estimate of how much time will be able to be devoted per month to the Work Group.

IV. The above information will be forwarded to the members for consideration. A period of 2 weeks will be allowed for members to consider the above information, and if desired, interview the candidates by telephone.

V. Within the 2 week period, the members shall provide the Chairperson with a rating for each candidate. The best candidate shall be rated 1, the next 2, and so on. The member's rating scores will be added together and the candidate with the lowest score in the appropriate state or EPA category will be chosen as the next member of the Work Group. If there is a tie, the members will rate just the candidates that are tied, and the candidate with the lowest score will become the next member. If a tie still exists after these 2 rounds, the Chairperson's rating will be removed from the sum of the 2nd round member ratings to allow the tie to be broken.

VI. The Chairperson will notify the nominee and the members of the results of the vote and provide all of them with an updated member list. The Chairperson will also send a letter to the new member(s) of the Work Group to welcome them to the Work Group, and to provide the new member with information about the Work Group.

Policy Clarifications

I. All members must be employed by either federal, state, territory, county, or city government.

II. Only individuals are members, not federal, state or local government.

II.All members must work in an underground storage tank regulatory program.

IV. If a Work Group member transfers to another regulatory program, the Work Group may vote to allow the member to remain on the Work Group long enough to complete or transition Work Group Assignments.