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UST Program - LG 113

UST Programs - LG 113

(originally listed as Arizona Instrument Corp. and NESCO, and then Summit Holdings, Inc. - Oklahoma Environmental, Inc.)

Soil Sentry Twelve-X




Output type quantitative
Sampling frequency continuous
Operating principle metal oxide semiconductor


Test Results:

Category unleaded
jet fuel
Accuracy* (%) 170 120 120
Bias* (%) 60 8.0 1.8
Precision* (%) 6.3 7.7 18
Detection time (min:sec) 12:20 12:27 12:33
Fall time* (min:sec) 11:53 11:53 11:55
Lower detection limit (ppm) 150 140 60

* For tests conducted with 1000 ppm of test gas.


Specificity Results:

Category percentages
unleaded gasoline 170
synthetic gasoline 110
n-hexane 110
JP-4 jet fuel 90
toluene 43
xylene( s) 22


Manufacturer's specifications:
Calibration is recommended on an annual basis, or whenever the sensor or the main printed circuit board is replaced.


Oklahoma Environmental Services
2125 South 48th Street, Suite 106
Tempe, AZ 85282

Tel: 888-584-3386 ext. 7000
E-mail: Deanna.Atkinson@OESServices.net
URL: www.OESServices.net

Evaluator:  Radian Corp.
Tel:  (512) 454-4797
Dates of Evaluation: 12/28/90, 04/17/91
Evaluator:  Ken Wilcox Associates

Tel:  (816) 443-2494
Date of Evaluation:  02/16/92



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