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Performance Report
TRM Sensors LLC



Issue Date: March 28, 2016


TRM Sensors LLC

Models TRM-CC and TRM-CB Sensors with TRM Relay Unit Type-C Alarm Console
TRM-CBX Sensor with TRM-FLASHER-BE Alarm Console




Output type:


Sampling frequency:


Operating principle:

solid state equivalent to selective float switch (no moving parts)

Test Results:

  unleaded gasoline diesel crude oil jet A fuel water ***produced water
Detection time (min) <1 6 29 5 N/A N/A
Fall time (min) 22 * ** * N/A N/A
Threshold (in) <0.0625 0.1887 0.1776 0.1783 N/A N/A
Detection time (min) <1 6 29 5 N/A <1
Fall time (min) 22 * ** * N/A <1
Threshold (in) <0.0625 0.1894 0.1776 0.1819 N/A 0.4728
Detection time (min) <1 6 29 5 N/A <1
Fall time (min) 22 * ** * N/A <1
Threshold (in) <0.0625 0.2139 0.1776 0.1821 N/A 0.4167

* Indicates sensor must be cleaned
** Indicates sensor may require being sent to manufacturer for extra cleaning
*** produced water is oil field brine

Specificity Results:
This evaluation determined the sensor's responses to the liquids shown above. Biodiesel blends B6-B20 meeting ASTM D7467 and biodiesel B100 meeting ASTM D6751 would also produce an alarm if the sensor threshold is exceeded. Responses to these fuels were not determined, but would be expected to be very similar to the diesel responses.

The LPS-5036 sensor responds to hydrocarbon liquids only and ignores water and produced water. 
The TLD-3050 and TLD-3050X sensors respond to hydrocarbon liquids and produced water but ignore water. 
Sensors can be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled if alarm is triggered or for periodic testing, unless otherwise indicated. 
Once a sensor is exposed to diesel fuel or Jet A fuel, the sensor will need to be removed and cleaned before it can be used again. For crude oil, the sensor may require extra cleaning or may require return to the factory for rework or replacement. 
These sensors do not require calibration. 
These sensors are listed under NWGLDE’s out-of-tank detectors (liquid-phase) category, but can function as interstitial detectors (liquid-phase).

TRM Sensors LLC Evaluator: Ken Wilcox Associates, Inc.
2320 Cheshire Way Tel:  (816) 443-2494
Redwood City, CA 94061 Web: www.kwaleak.com
Tel: 1 415 860 2044 Date of Evaluations:  11/09/15
E-mail: ken.mccoy@trmsensors.com  
URL: www.trmsensorss.com