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Underground Storage Tank Program

Study on Leaking Underground Storage Tanks in California - Open 15 Years or More, Not in Cleanup Fund, and Deemed "Not Ready for Closure - Final" by Lead Agency

Between 2010 and 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Region 9, as part of a cooperative agreement with the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), conducted a study on all open LUST cases in California that were: (1) not in the USTCF, (2) opened for 15 years or more, and (3) deemed by the lead agencies as “Not Ready for Closure – Final.” A total of 1,010 cases (11 percent of open LUST cases in California) met all these criteria and were reviewed.

Objective of the Study: To better understand the barriers in conducting and completing aging leaking underground storage tank (LUST) cleanups in California that were not funded by the USTCF (non-CUF).

Most notable barriers identified by this study in completing these LUST cleanups were:

  • Lack of enforcement due to limited resources
  • Under-utilized available USTCF funding options
  • Inadequate management of data and case oversight (e.g., missing case information, incomplete case transfer etc.)
  • Excessive site monitoring (sites remained in prolonged assessment phase)
  • Challenging responsible party (RP) issues (e.g., recalcitrant, missing or sites with multiple RPs)

A summary of findings can be found using the following link:  Study on Leaking Underground Storage Tanks in California

Below is a list of studies completed for each lead agency:

Regional Water Quality Control Board Studies (11)

North Coast RWQCB (Region 1) Central Valley RWQCB (Region 5F)
San Francisco Bay RWQCB (Region 2) Lahontan RWQCB (Region 6)
Central Coast RWQCB (Region 3) Colorado River RWQCB (Region 7)
Los Angeles RWQCB (Region 4) Santa Ana RWQCB (Region 8)
Central Valley RWQCB (Region 5R) San Diego RWQCB (Region 9)
Central Valley RWQCB (Region 5S)  
Local Oversight Program Studies (22)

Alameda County LOP San Diego County LOP
El Dorado County LOP San Francisco County LOP
Humboldt County LOP San Joaquin County LOP
Kern County LOP San Mateo County LOP
Merced County LOP Santa Barbara County LOP
Napa County LOP Santa Clara County LOP
Nevada County LOP Solano County LOP
Orange County LOP Sonoma County LOP
Riverside County LOP Stanislaus County LOP
Sacramento County LOP Tulare County LOP
San Bernardino County LOP Ventura County LOP
Local Implementing Agency Studies (3)

City of Long Beach LIA  
City of Los Angeles LIA  
Los Angeles County LIA