Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

Fraud Reporting

If you believe fraudulent activity is being committed or Cleanup Fund public dollars are being misused, it is important to let us know about it. All allegations of potential fraud, waste, and abuse are taken seriously. Reports can be made anonymously.

What Should I Report?

  • Someone is misusing Fund monies for personal gain
  • Someone is intentionally misleading the Fund for financial gain
  • Someone is taking some benefit to “look the other way”
  • Someone is filing false claims

The Fund has several ways for you to report fraud:

  1. Email us at reportfraud@waterboards.ca.gov

  2. Call our toll-free message line at 1-855-263-0863

  3. Complete our Fraud Reporting Complaint Form and return to us by:
    • Email at: reportfraud@waterboards.ca.gov
    • Mail forms to:
      State Water Board
      Office of Enforcement
      P. O. Box 100
      Sacramento, CA 95812
    • Fax forms to: (916) 341-5896

Fund Fraud-Prevention News