Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

UST Cleanup Fund Updates and News (FUN) Meetings

The UST Cleanup Fund holds Fund Updates & News (FUN) meetings periodically throughout the year to provide an overview of Fund topics of interest to stakeholders. FUN meetings provide basic information, updates about Fund programs and processes and any upcoming changes, and observed trends. During the meeting, the Fund will provide high-level information. The Fund will not respond to claim-specific or hypothetical questions.

The agenda and reference documents are updated prior to each meeting based on input received prior to the FUN meeting. Questions may be sent via email before and after the meeting to ustcleanupfund@waterboards.ca.gov. The UST Cleanup Fund will make the effort to answer questions during the FUN meeting, however, the UST Cleanup Fund may not be able to respond to all questions during the meeting. Further follow-up to questions received may result in the UST Cleanup Fund sending out additional information using the email subscription service and posting additional information on the program's website.

FUN Meetings details are announced approximately two weeks prior to the meetings using the UST Cleanup Fund email subscription service. Be sure to sign up to receive these announcements

USTCF FUN Meeting Follow-Up