Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund


At the direction of the State Water Resources Control Board at a board meeting on May 19, 2009, a task force was created at a meeting on June 11, 2009 to make recommendations for improvements to Cleanup Fund administrative procedures and response to the current cash shortage. The task force is made up of consultants, tank owners/operators, regulatory agency staff, and environmental groups. See the following links for information on:

This site will be updated regularly with information on the progress of the task force. To offer comments or suggestions to the task force, please contact one of the members for your particular interest group. Also, please cc: the Cleanup Fund at USTCF_TaskForce@waterboards.ca.gov on all emails sent to the task force members.

A separate task force has been created by the Division of Water Quality to make recommendations for improving the UST Cleanup regulatory program. Please contact Kevin Graves, UST Program Manager, at 916 341-5782 for information about this task force.

Task Force Meetings