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Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund - annual budget information

Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

Annual Site Budget and Budget Change Information

The UST Cleanup Fund assigns an annual site budget for active claims each fiscal year. An annual site budget is a set-aside of funds for a claim for the fiscal year. Only incurred costs that are determined to be reasonable and necessary, and eligible, will be reimbursed. Annual site budgets are subject to change based upon the claim's status and site conditions.

Claimants may submit a Budget Change Request (BCR) when modifications to the annual site budget are needed. The UST Cleanup Fund continuously reviews BCRs that are received by May 1st of each fiscal year. Decisions regarding the BCR are sent in a letter to the claimant(s).

The following contains information about annual site budgets and BCRs. Frequently Asked Questions (coming soon) about annual site budgets and BCRs can also be found on this webpage.

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