Public Comments regarding Proposed Recycled Water Policy Amendment

  • Public Notice
  • Deadline to receive comments by: June 26, 2018 by 12 noon

Commenter(s) Submitted by:
Bay Area Clean Water Agencies David Williams
California Coastkeeper Alliance Sean Bothwell
California Department of Fish and Wildlife Richard Macedo
California Farm Bureau Federation Justin Fredrickson
Calleguas Creek Watershed Management Plan Lucie McGovern
Carollo Engineers Andrew Salveson
Central Valley Clean Water Association Debbie Webster
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Enrique Zaldivar
City of Petaluma Dan St. John
City of San Diego Hooman Partow
City of Santa Rosa Bennett Horenstein
Clean Water Center
Clean Water Action
Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability
Debi Ores
Jennifer Clary
Michael Claiborne
Coachella Valley Water District Steve Bigley
Coalition of Accredited Laboratories David Kimbrough
El Dorado Irrigation District Elizabeth Dawson Wells
Friends of the North Fork Michael Garabedian
General Public Anthony Serrano
General Public Anthony Serrano (062518)
General Public Anthony Serrano (062618)
General Public John Moore
General Public John Moore (062018)
Glendale Water & Power Michael De Ghetto
Heal the Bay Annelisa Ehret Moe
Heal the Ocean Hillary Hauser
Irvine Ranch Water District Paul Cook
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Katherine Rubin
Main San Gabriel Watermaster Anthony Zampiello
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Mickey Chaudhuri
Napa Sanitation District Timothy Healy
Orange County Sanitation District Ron Coss
Orange County Water District Jason Dadakis
Padre Dam Municipal Water District Allen Carlisle
Raymond Basin Management Board Anthony Zampiello
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Terrie Mitchell
San Diego County Water Authority
Padre Dam Municipal Water District
City of Oceanside
Otay Water District
Helix Water District
Olivenhain Municipal Water District
Santa Fe Irrigation District
City of Escondido
Robert Yamada
Allen Carlisle
Cari Dale
Mark Watton
Brian Olney
Kimberly Thorner
Cor Shaffer
Christopher McKinney
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Ann Heil
Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority on behalf of the Basin Monitoring Program Task Force Mark Norton
Santa Clara Valley Water District Norma Camacho
South Orange County Wastewater Authority Amber Baylor
Southern California Alliance of POTWs Steve Jepsen
WateReuse California
California Association of Sanitation Agencies
California Municipal Utilities Association
Association of California Water Agencies
California Urban Water Agencies
Jennifer West
Roberta Larson
Jonathan Young
Adam Borchard
Cindy Paulson

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