Public Comments regarding Proposed Recycled Water Policy Amendment

  • Public Notice
  • Deadline to receive comments by: September 10, 2018 by 12 noon
Commenter(s) Submitted by:
Agriculture & Priority Pollutants Laboratories, Inc. Sharon Dehmlow
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Enrique Zaldivar
City of San Diego Peter Vroom
Clean Water Action
Natural Resources Defense Council
Environmental Working Group
Center for Environmental Health
Andria Ventura
Anna Reade
Bill Allayaud
Sue Chiang
Miriam Gordon
General Public Edo McGowan
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Katherine Rubin
Pasadena Water & Power David Kimbrough
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Terrie Mitchell
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Ann Heil


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