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Recycled Water Policy

The use of recycled water in California is part of an integrated water management approach that includes water conservation, capture and use of stormwater, aquifer storage and recovery, and other strategies to achieve a sustainable and reliable long-term water supply.”
2018 Recycled Water Policy Staff Report

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Recycled Water Policy

The purpose of the Recycled Water Policy is to encourage the safe use of recycled water in a manner that is protective of public health and the environment. The Recycled Water Policy establishes requirements for goals for recycled water use in California, guidance for recycled water that considers protection of water quality, criteria for streamlined permitting of recycled water projects, requirements for salt and nutrient management plans (SNMPs), and requirements for monitoring potable recycled water for constituents of emerging concern (CECs).

Recycled Water Research

The State Water Board funds research to advance the use of recycled water in California.

Recycled Water Permits

  • The Regional Water Quality Control Boards review, issue, and regulate water treatment through various permitting programs.

Recycled Water Funding

Definition of Recycled Water

“water which, as a result of treatment of waste, is suitable for a direct beneficial use or a controlled use that would not otherwise occur and is therefore considered a valuable resource”

(Wat. Code § 13050(n))

Legislation Supports the Use of Recycled Water

The California state legislature has declared that

“…It is the intention of the Legislature that the state undertake all possible steps to encourage development of water recycling facilities so that recycled water may be made available to help meet the growing water requirements of the state”.

(Wat. Code § 13512)

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