Recycled Water Policy

Statewide General Permit for Landscape Irrigation Uses of Municipal Recycled Water

In July 2009, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted General Waste Discharge Requirements for Landscape Irrigation Uses of Municipal Recycled Water (General Permit).  For those eligible, the General Permit allows the use of recycled water for landscape irrigation.

“Landscape Irrigation” uses include the following:

  • Parks, greenbelts, and playgrounds
  • School yards
  • Athletic fields
  • Golf courses
  • Cemeteries
  • Residential landscaping, common areas *
  • Commercial landscaping, except eating areas
  • Industrial landscaping, except eating areas
  • Freeway, highway, and street landscaping

* Individually owned residences are not eligible for coverage under the General Permit. The Regional Water Boards will address individually owned residences on a case-by-case basis.

An Administrator may apply for coverage under the General Permit by filing a Notice of Intent, providing a complete Operation and Maintenance Plan, and submitting the appropriate fee to the State Water Resources Control Board.

The General Permit is consistent with the Recycled Water Policy, State and Federal water quality laws, including the statewide water quality standards established by the California Department of Public Health.  The General Permit facilitates the streamlining of the permitting process to reduce the overall costs normally incurred by producer, distributors, and users of recycled water.

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