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Who issues recycled water permits?

The nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards (regional water boards) issue permits for the production, distribution, and use of recycled water, in compliance with federal and state water quality laws and regulations. The regional water boards also determine permit compliance and take appropriate enforcement actions. In rare cases, such as where a proposed project falls under the jurisdiction of multiple regional water boards, the State Water Board may issue recycled water permits. The regional water boards coordinate with the State Water Board, Division of Drinking Water, to ensure a proposed recycled water project complies with all federal and state regulations for the protection of public health. Prior to being permitted for the production or use of recycled water, a proposed recycled water project must receive approval from the State Water Board, Division of Drinking Water for an engineering report prepared in compliance with California Code of Regulations, title 22, Division 4, Chapter 3 (Uniform Statewide Recycling Criteria).

What kind of permit do I need for recycled water?

The production and use of recycled water may be permitted through general or individual waste discharge requirements (WDRs) (CWC §13263), water reclamation requirements (WRRs) (CWC §13253), a master reclamation permit (MRP) (CWC §13253.1), or amendments to an adopted order, such as an existing WDR or National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit.

All appropriate and eligible proposed non-potable recycled water projects with the capability of taking on the responsibility of administrating water recycling programs should enroll under the statewide general water reclamation requirements for recycled water use (Order No. 2016-0068-DDW).

To find the appropriate recycled water permitting contact for a proposed project, please navigate to the WDR Program Contact Page.

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