Recycled Water Research

The State Water Board is working with members of the recycled water community to identify knowledge gaps regarding specific topics in recycled water research, including potable and non-potable applications, to better understand recycled water research funding priorities. The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 (2014 Bond Law, Proposition 1) provides grant and low interest financing for water recycling projects. The State Water Board may dedicate up to two percent of the Proposition 1 funding allocated to recycled water, as well as two percent of repayments from Proposition 1 funded water recycling construction loans, to recycled water research and development as set forth in section 79144 of the Water Code. The availability of Proposition 1 funding has provided the State Water Board with the opportunity to continue to advance recycled water research to ensure recycled water is protective of the environment and human health.

UPDATE: The State Water Board has partnered with the Water Research Foundation (WRF) to fund seven new research projects under Grant Agreement No. D1705003 : Research to Advance Potable and Non-Potable Reuse in California and WRF’s Advancing Potable Reuse Initiative. Deadlines for the Request for Proposals (RFPs) have been extended as follows:

  • Project 4953  – Considerations and Blending Strategies for Drinking Water System Integration with Alternative Water Supplies: due 12/19/18
  • Project 4954  – Integration of High Frequency Performance Data for Microbial and Contaminant Control in Potable Reuse Treatment Systems: due 12/19/18
  • Project 4955  – Indicator Viruses to Confirm Performance of Advanced Physical Treatment: due 12/19/18
  • Project 4958 – New Techniques, Tools, and Validation Protocols for Achieving Log Removal Credit across NF and RO Membranes: due 12/12/18
  • Project 4960  – Review of Industrial Contaminants Associated with Water Quality or Adverse Performance Impacts for Potable Reuse Treatment: due 12/12/18
  • Project 4961 – The Use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technologies and Metagenomics Approaches to Evaluate Water and Wastewater Quality Monitoring and Treatment Technologies: due 12/19/18
  • Project 4963  – Developing a New Foundational Understanding of SAR-Soil Structure Interactions to Provide Management Options for Recycled Water Use in Agriculture: due 12/12/18

The Water Research Foundation uses an online management system for proposal submissions. Included in the Useful Documents section are FAQs and a Proposal Submission Tutorial document. Note: It can take up to 48 business hours to provide credentials to new users.



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