Salt and Nutrient Management Planning



Salt and nutrient management planning is included in the Recycled Water Policy to help address the potential for recycled water use to impact groundwater quality and to promote basin-wide management of salts and nutrients in groundwater.

The Recycled Water Policy (2009, amended 2013) recognized that local water and wastewater entities, together with stakeholders, would fund locally driven efforts to develop Salt and Nutrient Management Plans (SNMPs), with the intent that every basin/subbasin in California have an SNMP.  The State Water Board later clarified that regional water boards should focus salt and nutrient management planning efforts on those basins identified as “priority basins” by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) as part of their 2003 study of monitoring and assessment of California groundwater (https://pubs.usgs.gov/wri/wri034166/).

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Use the following map tool to view the status of SNMP development in each groundwater basin in California. “Accepted SNMPs” are SNMPs that have been accepted by the Regional Board, typically through a Board resolution or letter from the Executive Officer. “Completed SNMPs” refer to SNMPs that have been submitted to the Regional Boards as final reports, but have not been formally accepted by that Board through a resolution or letter from the Executive Officer.  Other information is available on the webtool, including basin identification, links to accepted SNMPs, location of the USGS-identified priority basins, and other spatial layers for reference.

Salt and Nutrient Management Planning Webtool - click to access Webtool

Regional Water Quality Control Board Contacts

Regional Water Quality Control Board Name E-mail
North Coast Jeremiah Puget Jeremiah.Puget@waterboards.ca.gov
San Francisco Bay Alec Naugle Alec.Naugle@waterboards.ca.gov
Central Coast Harvey Packard
Matt Keeling
Los Angeles Ginachi Amah Ginachi.Amah@waterboards.ca.gov
Central Valley Glen Meeks
Jeanne Chilcott
Walter Plachta
Lahontan Jan Zimmerman
Lisa Dernbach
Colorado River Basin Cathy Sanford Cathy.Sanford@waterboards.ca.gov
Santa Ana Cindy Li Cindy.Li@waterboards.ca.gov
San Diego John Odermatt John.Odermatt@waterboards.ca.gov

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