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June 2014 Update

The following information on projected water supply, demand and availability, prepared by the Division of Water Rights for the North Fork and Main Stem Eel River Watershed, is being provided to assist water right holders in planning for water availability in the coming months. This information is the Division's best projection, based on current hydrologic data. These are estimates only and subject to revision and update.

Charts and Forecasts

The projected water supply for the North Fork and Main Stem Eel River Watershed was developed using historical water supply data at the 90% exceedance. The exceedance level is the likelihood, based on historical data, that the actual flow will exceed the projected amount. To determine which exceedance level best fits actual flow conditions, the Division is tracking the flows daily in acre-feet per day and comparing that to the monthly total amount projected by the Division divided by the number of days in the month to show acre-feet per day. The attached graph Adobe PDF logo shows this daily tracking.

  • Current Watershed Conditions
  • Curtailment Notices Issued
    • Curtailment letters issued to all Post-1914 Water rights Holders on June 30, 2014.

  • Curtailment Projections
    • Pending
      • All post-1914 water rights starting in July and continuing until conditions improve.
      • Water right curtailment does not restrict diversions of water for human health and safety.
    • Between July 1st and October 30th, the projected water supply will not meet the demand for Riparian, pre-1914 or Post-1914 appropriative basis of rights.


  1. Curtailments can be lifted temporarily or permanently if water supply conditions improve.
  2. The State Water Resources Control Board may consider needs for limited diversions for public health and safety needs where there is no other water supply available for emergency human health, sanitation and safety needs.
  3. Diversions for hydropower generation, where all water is returned to the stream, may continue during curtailment.
  4. The curtailment notice does not affect water delivered by contract from state, federal or local agencies, unless the curtailment prevents an agency's ability to divert water under its water right. Contracts using water withdrawn from reservoir storage that had been collected prior to the curtailment are not affected.

North Fork and Middle Stem Eel River Watershed Boundary

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