State Water Board Drought Year Water Actions

Division of Water Rights Information Sheets: Temporary Urgency Changes, Short Term Transfers, and Temporary Permits

The information and guidance sheets provided below are designed to assist small local governments, service districts and landowners with common drought-related water rights requests. The State Water Board is committed to working cooperatively and diligently with water users throughout the state to find appropriate and timely solutions to urgent, drought–related water needs. Although many options exist, most drought-related requests can be accommodated through three existing programs within the Division of Water Rights. To determine which program is most appropriate for your situation, first determine whether you currently hold a water right by querying the Division's eWRIMS database. Alternatively, you may contact the Division of Water Rights directly to speak with permitting and licensing staff person who works in your geographic area.

If you currently have a water right, you can request a Temporary Urgency Change or a Temporary Water Transfer. You also have the option of applying for a new Temporary Water Right Permit.

If you do not currently have a water right, you can apply for a Temporary Water Right Permit or work with an existing right holder in your area on requesting a Temporary Water Transfer.

Information and Guidance Sheets